With a good deal of huffing and puffing, I managed…

With a good deal of huffing and puffing, I managed to get those eight bags of salts into the house and down the basement. It took six of them to fill the water softener. The two remaining are nestled next to the water softener till needed. One job done for the next 12 months.

Today I took care of many necessities, one of which was purchasing the items needed to make Christmas gifts for my nieces. I am making them Journal Jar Baskets. One of the local craft stores had a 50% off sale on decorative Christmas baskets so I was able to snag four really cute ones. I also purchased assorted decorative scrapbooking paper with which to recover the composition books. I found containers to put the slips of paper in. The discount store had colored pens and composition books on sale. So tonight I’ll take care of recovering the books and assembling the baskets. I’ll wrap them in colored cellophane, attach a bow and voila! Christmas gift.

The weather was balmy in temperature but really windy. So much so, it nearly knocked this lightweight off her feet! The sky was steele grey and menacing. I had a headache to beat the band so it was clear a front was coming through. Tomorrow we shall return to seasonal temperatures.

Put my car in for an oil change and was informed my tires are shot. I was expecting the back ones to bite the dust as they were borderline needing replacement in April. But the front ones are brand new as of February and they are 50% worn down after only putting 14,000 miles on them! I’m miffed. I called the place that sold them to me to inform them of the problem. Well, since I’ve not had them rotated every 5,000 miles (since when is that necessary?), the warrenty may be compromised. Argh! I’ll not buy tires from them again. So all 4 tires need replacing. Great. Double argh!

The end of the week I plan on working on a couple computers to wipe the hard drives so they can be donated. Having messed that up once, this time shall be interesting. Suggestions/instructions welcome dear readers!

Off to crafty things! I shall keep you posted dear readers. And shhhh…keep the gifts secret!


4 thoughts on “With a good deal of huffing and puffing, I managed…

  1. Well the tyres ended up needing to ALL be replaced. To the tune of $400! I was not happy because two of them were just purchaed in February and were already no good. I tried returning them but the store told me the warrenty was voided since I had not rotated them every 5,000 miles! Who the heck rotates their tyres every time they get an oil change? I never even heard of that before. Well, I guess I’ll be doing that now! Geesh.

    Mimi, the craft baskets came out really terrific. I’m very happy with them! It was fun to do them and better yet, inexpensive gifts. Each basket cost a total of about $12.00 because all the contents were on sale! Ha! I love a good bargain!

  2. Very nice gifts.

    I attempt craft, but am completely useless at it.

    And prayers for your car tyres (tires ;-)) and computer-cleaning and general busy-ness.

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