Papa Bear Falls Asleep In The Lord

I was saddened to read that Stan Berenstain creator and co-author with wife Jan, of the The Berenstain Bears passed away Saturday at the age of 82. Read about it here.

I love the Berenstain Bears. We had quite a collection of the books but I hadn’t realized there were 200 of them. I’m a little behind in the collection! I can remember reading them to my kids when they were little. We even have a couple videos.

May his memory be eternal!


5 thoughts on “Papa Bear Falls Asleep In The Lord

  1. NonnaNaz, they still exist. Mr. Rogers is still on TV and the Berenstain books will continue to be written and published. I think I will start to round out my collection of them!

  2. I remember crying when I heard that Mr. Rogers had passed away. I loved him like a favorite uncle when I was a child.
    Where are the good men who will be the Mr. Rogers and the Berenstains for my little girl? *sigh* At least their work lives after them, thank God.

    Memory Eternal!

  3. I remember sitting on my Mom’s lap, as her belly got bigger and bigger until I finally couldn’t fit any more…

    just like Brother Bear in, The New Baby

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