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I am selling my Dodge Intrepid. About a month ago the battery died. We had it jump started. It was fine…for a little while. The battery died again. I had it jump started again. It was fine…for a little while. The battery died again. This time, I had it jump started and took it to the dealership repair shop. They said, “Oh it’s just a dead battery. We’ll replace it.” A battery was installed to the tune of $100. I drove it home and drove it to work the next day.

Wednesday November 30 I parked it in the driveway. Came home from Thanksgiving vacation Sunday and tried to start it. Dead battery! BRAND NEW BATTERY…DEAD ! Thank goodness my son was home as he helped push the car out of the driveway so I could get my car out of the garage. Tuesday November 29 I had it towed to the dealership repair shop. I wanted them to see that there was a problem in somewhere that was draining the battery dry.

Today I talked to the repair shop guy, Dan. He said, “You have two problems. First the new battery is dead. Second you need a new instrument cluster panel for behind the dash.” Is it underwarrenty? Nooooooo, of course not And the total repair costs? $890!!!!!!!

I was so upset I went off on the guy. I told him how we were trying to sell it and how I felt like I was blown off by the other repair men who treated me like, “Oh she’s a woman. She doesn’t know.” And that I had been to their used car showroom to speak to a salesperson because I had received a “we are desparate for cars like yours” to say “Hey you have a desparate need. I can help.” Of course I was treated very nicely. The salesman said, “I’ll call you tomorrow after I speak to the big boss.” Next day = no call. Day after = no call. I called him and left a message. Have I gotten a call back to say, “No thanks” or “Up yours”? Nooooooooo.

So as I said to Dan the repairman, in I must confess, a voice that was near tears and quite elevated, “You guys blew me off because I’m a woman and you thought I didn’t know what was wrong with my car. You did the EASY FIX. Your sales guy blew me off and didn’t even have the courtesy to call me back AFTER I left a message. AND you engage in fraudulent advertising. Do you think I’m EVER going to do business with you? Not on your life. Fix the damn car and let’s be done with it!”

Passionate? Damn straight. Don’t friggin’ mess with me. I’m not an idiot.


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  1. As a man I have to say I did understand Raphael’s post either. I know nothing about cars at all. I always take or confer with a knowledgable friend.

    Prayers Philippa; and you had every right to be upset. Terrible.

  2. They said they tried to recharge it but it wouldn’t hold a charge, thus the reason for the new battery. If I had thought that something else could drain the battery I would have pressed them harder than I did. But at least the service guy told me they would use the warrenty on the new battery so I wouldn’t have to pay for a new one.

    Man, I was hot. And nearly started crying I was so frustrated. Partly because we have the car listed on the auto trader and I’ve gotten four emails attempting to purchase the car under fraudulent means.

    Very frustrating.

    Thanks for the tip. I shall remember that for the future Raphael.

  3. Dang, that really stinks!

    For next time…
    I doubt the battery was dead. Drained, sure, dead. Unlikely. Take your car to an auto parts store (autozone, pep boys, whatever they have in your neighborhood). Tell them you think your battery is dead. They will check to see if it is dead or drained. Drained batteries can be easily recharged. Your car is supposed to rechage them as you drive around town. So, if the battery seems dead but is only drained, it means your problem is not the battery, but some other electrical component.

    Too much too late, sorry,


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