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I wish I had someone read Shakespeare to me when I was a kid like this mom does with her kids. Maybe I would like reading his works. Instead I got stuck with a mousy 9th grade English teacher who couldn’t control her class and was left with each student reading lines aloud in monotone. Ugh. Maybe I should try it again only reading aloud with passion? Hmmm…gotta think on that summore.

Raphael is going to write a 5 part essay on the differences between the Western and Eastern “image” (or as I would say “understanding”) of the Nativity. This ought to be a good read. Don’t you just love reading about history and how things develop? Yum!

This storm a doozy? Well okay, we have about 6 inches on the ground…maybe 7. Gotta fire up the snow-thrower and make short work of the piles. Update: Soooooo what was I saying about short work of piles? The ones God created were no problem. The ones created by man, in the shape of a great big truck with a snowplow on the front, well those were another story. And trying to manage a snowthrower with all 113 pounds/5 ft. 1 in. of little me…well let’s just say the vibrations were so bad that the screw that holds my lense in my glasses was loosened enough for the lense to fall out! I’m glad I caught it before it went into the snow. I would have never found it! LOL! How many more months of this?

Kellogg promises healthier Pop Tarts
I hardly think so. Pop-Tarts are disgusting.

Man searches fields, trash bins for lottery ticket

“I think God was telling me … that I need to be dependent on Him and not on lotteries and jobs and anything else,” he said.

Yea, how ‘bout it. This guy was in a field searching for the wrong pearl.


3 thoughts on “Random Collection

  1. HEALTHIER POP TARTS!??? DON’T MESS WITH MY BREAKFAST!!! What now?? Celery Poptarts? Portobello Mushroom Poptarts?
    Romaine lettuce Poptarts?? Leave them alone!!! Sheesh…healthy Poptarts…what idiot thought of THAT?
    If I want healthy, I’ll eat Snickers for breakfast, thank you…

  2. Playing the devil’s advocate, I have to say I have never enjoyed reading Shakespeare. Never. In little doses, but I can’t read a whole Act or Play. It was the worst time of my life in school.

    However, I love seeing Shakespeare performed: I see every production our national Shakespeare Company (http://bellshakespeare.com.au/) puts on: amazing.

    But I do think reading to children is very important.

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