The Moment Of A Miracle?

Last night friends came over so we might give their children the Christmas presents we had for them since they will be traveling during the holidays. When the kids were infants, I was their babysitter so there is quite a close connection between our two families. BabyBoy is now 9 and BabyGirl is now 11! Time sure has flown.

BabyBoy got 3 “Baileys School Kids” books and an Old Navy cotton striped shirt, which he really was excited to receive. I’m glad he is a reader! BabyGirl received a Journal Jar Basket I made (see post 11/29/05). Here is where the “moment” entered.

BabyMom came into the kitchen to ask if I had made the basket. After I answered in the affirmative, with tears in her eyes she asked me if she had told me about the letter. “Nooooo, I don’t remember anything about a letter.” So she told me this,

Last week we had parent-teacher conferences and the students were required to write a letter about what they were thankful for. BabyGirl’s letter started with, “I am thankful I am not dead because of my diseases. I am thankful that my blood lady is nice. I am thankful that I have my health and am feeling good and doing good.” There were others things in there but I can’t remember what they were. The teacher was aware that BabyGirl had been having some tests for an autoimmune disease, had been down to Children’s Hospital a couple times, has seen Endocrinologists, and a bunch of other doctors but was worried that things may have been more serious than what she had first thought. I assured her that things were fine. BabyGirl has Reynaud’s Disease at this point, but everything is fine and nothing can be done about it except live with it. It is hereditary. The teacher noted that BabyGirl obviously has the issue on her mind and asked if she had talked to me or her Dad about it. We both said she hadn’t. That it is not her nature. She keeps things in. The teacher suggested maybe BabyGirl should think about keeping a journal, a special place to write out her thoughts and feelings about things. We agreed and were trying to figure out a way to encourage her to do that.

And you gave her the Journal Jar Basket – that you made! And I didn’t even tell you about the letter she wrote!

I said to BabyMom with a warm smile, “You know, God has His way of taking care of His children.”

As the evening progressed, I showed BabyGirl my own journals that I have kept for the last 3 years and let her read a few entries that started with things like “Today I feel confused.” or “I am angry because…” Then I pulled out the two composition books I’ve been keeping since 1973 when I was in 9th grade. They are full of poems, sayings, and articles of things that touched me in one way or another. BabyGirl thought that was pretty cool.

I hope they are inspirations for her to write out her thoughts and feelings rather than keep them all bottled up. BabyGirl and I agreed we needed a “girl’s day” out after the new year. Maybe we’ll “do” lunch somewhere and “chat.”

God is good. Glory to Him!


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