What I Did Today

1) Got up. Got dressed and did assorted things related to the start of a day.
2) Talked on the phone with a friend.
3) Checked email through out the day.
4) Went to the dentist for routine cleaning.
5) Got prescription filled for antibiotic to take before above dental appointment.
6) Stopped at foodstore and bought veggie tray for tomorrow’s family Christmas celebration.
7) Made 3 pepperoni and cheese strombolis. Two for Sunday. One for freezer.
8) Made Italian Beef in the crockpot for tomorrow’s family Christmas celebration.
9) Made approximately 50 tiny meatballs for the…
10) …Homemade Italian Wedding Soup, which included cutting and cooking one head of escarole.
11) Watered Christmas tree.
12) Wash two loads of clothes, one load of bathtowels & rug, one load of sheets.
13) Put clean flannel sheets on two beds.
14) Ate 3 meals.
15) Talked on the phone to another friend.
16) Exchanged email with future history professor regarding book needs for spring semester. They are: W. K. Storey, Writing History: A Guide for Students (Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0-19-516609-4) and Manual for Writing Thesis and Research Papers by Turabin (University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0-226-81625-7).
17) Looked up above books and can get them cheap on Half.com, which I shall do in the coming days.

I’m tired! Goodnight!