The Random Five

I have been tagged by David to post 5 random facts about myself. Hmm…..let’s see:

1) When I was 6, I fell off the top of a sliding board onto macadam in our school’s playground. I blacked out half way down as I do not remember hitting the ground. My best girlfriend, Lisa, was hysterical because she thought I was dead. The nun who was my teacher told one of the 8th grade boys TO PICK ME UP and carry me to a waiting car where I was driven home. Once there, I was made to stand on my swaying legs whilst Sister rang the doorbell. When my Mother answered the door, she nearly fainted as I was covered in blood, as was Sister’s hanky, which had been pressed to my forehead to stem the bleeding. Of course, to no avail. (You know how those head wounds bleed!) I was, finally, rushed to the emergency room where x-rays confirmed a concussion. I spent the night in the hospital to make sure I was okay. I was mortified because they put me in a gigantic metal crib to prevent me from getting out of bed! Yes…I know…this explains a lot!

2) I played Girls Lacrosse while in high school. I played defensive positions; either 3rd Man or Cover Point. Many people find that hard to believe because I am so small in stature. It was a great game! We stunk of course, but I had fun anyway. I could have done without the shin splints though.

3) I like to pour a little milk into my jello before I eat it.

4) My very first car was one of the “exploding” Ford Pinto Hatchbacks. Thank goodness mine was not one in three thousand that exploded. It was a good little car and did what it needed to – got me from one place to the next. Very poor traction in snow though.

5) I would like to visit England and Ireland someday. Unfortunately, that requires traveling by plane, which doesn’t thrill me at all. I hate flying. Perhaps I can be made comatose for the trip!


2 thoughts on “The Random Five

  1. I second Mimi on the milk and jello combo!

    I want to go to England and Ireland some day too! I don’t mind flying, but it sure would be fun to go by boat!

  2. Milk on jello? I can’t imagine…

    My grandparents had a Ford Pinto, I loved riding in the back of that. I guess, there by the Grace of God…

    What a horrific memory of falling. What’s a MacAdam?

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