As the Auto Turns

Yes dear readers, the auto repair saga continues, entering its third week today.

Last week I spoke to Dan the Serviceman, inquiring into why my car was not done yet. Well in appears when the new dash cluster panel was installed it continued to drain the battery. When it was removed, the drain stopped. (No duh.) Dan wondered if perhaps the new panel was damaged. He was “on it” though and would let me know when the car was done.

I called yesterday and yes it was finally finished. Oh yay! Inquiring minds wanted to know WHY it took 2 weeks to fix the darn thing? I was told, “The repair guy had the panel plugged in wrong.” Huh? It took them over a week to figure that out!?!? (Note to self: find a different repair shop.)

Tonight I picked up the car and paid the whopping $1003.82 bill. About half way home I noticed the RPM needle was not moving. Hmmmm…I was doing 30 mph, the RPM’s ought to be doing something. But the needle was laying like a limp noodle. I called hubster on the cell. “Turn around. We’re going back. There’s something wrong with the RPM gauge.” We did.

How many ways can you say A-N-G-R-Y? Let me say, I was HOT!

I stomped into the repair shop, slammed the keys on the counter and demanded to speak to the manager. Ted the serviceman, upon whose counter said keys were slammed, was the manager. I managed to contain myself….barely. I informed him of the problem.

I also informed him of the following:

a) you have $1003.82 of my money
b) my car still has a problem
c) I am trying to SELL said car
d) while it sits on your lot, I CANNOT SELL SAID CAR
e) you WILL fix the car IMMEDIATELY
f) you will not charge me ONE MORE RED CENT – this repair is on your dime
h) you will not get my business again
i) your used car salesman is a liar (I did find out the one I spoke to has been fired – no surprise there)

Ted the serviceman/manager took all my information down, called the owner of the dealership and left a message, called the repairman and told him the problem, and assured me the car would be fixed.

Yeah, right. That’s what you said the last time.


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