Thanks Huw

Mid-November, Huw Raphael posted he was going to blog the O Antiphons through out Advent and asked those in the blog-o-sphere who would care to, to join him. As you may have noticed, I did.

It has been a blessed experience to contemplate the Nativity of Christ our Lord. It has been particularly helpful to set time aside to read the Word, roll it around in my mind and heart, and then write about those thoughts. Especially so, when in this time of Advent, while many in the community are bickering over whether to say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas,” I forced myself to step inside out of the winds of the holiday hurricane for contemplation.

Thanks Huw. Blessed Nativity to you and all the readers of Lost in-Elegant Cogitations.


One thought on “Thanks Huw

  1. Thank *you* for joining me. It’s been a blessing to read writing-not-my-own on this, to see and hear other thoughts.

    See you in lent maybe for the series by St Nikolai? Or else next year for Advent! 🙂

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