Wrap Up…

…or unwrap as the case may be!

The Christmas weekend is done and this week is half over. Hard to believe. The tree had to come down due to safety issues. It was dry to the point of brown and the needles were dropping like raindrops. The remaining decorations will stay until after New Year’s Day.

The Christmas weekend was nice inspite of some hiccups. Christmas Eve we went to service at the hubster’s church. Sunday morning found the hubster, his Dad, and me at Nativity Liturgy. Both services were very nice.

Upon returning home and jumping into comfy clothes, the unwrapping commenced. Some very nice gifts were given and received. This year both of the kids, who are now in the “young adult” category, are gainfully employed so they did their own shopping. Yes, you read that correctly! They did THEIR OWN shopping…with THEIR OWN money. Woot! And a fine job they did too.

DS gave the hubster a very cool CD of the Blind Boys of Alabama and a coffee table book, The Monty Python Autobiography. DS gave me a pair of pajamas he purchased at Nordstrom. Yeah…that’s what I said to him…”Nordstrom?!” “Well, yeah Mom. I went in thinking it was just like JCPenney’s, ya know. So as I wandered the lingerie department and saw $50 bucks for a pair of pj’s, I said to myself, ‘I love my Mom, but NOT that MUCH!’ So I searched the clearance rack and found the ugliest pair of pj’s there and got them, figuring you’d like them.” Bwwwwaahahahahahahahahaa!!!! He was absolutely right! I so totally LOVE THEM! They are white with big red and pink poinsettia’s on them. Draw string waist. Soft. Perfect fit. And their NORDSTROM’s!

DD gave the hubster a nice gift card to Eddie Bauer, his fav store! Woot! And she selected a lovely pair of flannel pj’s that are pink and lavendar plaid AND MATCHING slippers that are just about the cosiest and comfiest slippers I’ve ever worn. AND they FIT PERFECTLY. The girl is good, that’s all I can say!! Hmmm…I wonder if she should think about being a personal shopper?

The hubster gave me a new Slumber Sack since my other one looks like it is molting or something. I love these things as they are so very warm. And for me that’s key since I shiver my way from Fall to late Spring.

Dinner was good. Company was good. The weather was okay. In all, a good weekend.

Today the hubster started painting the kitchen since he has the week off. It looks FANTASTIC. The color is perfect. It just makes the colors in the floor pop right out.

So we’re off to pick up the car – again – that has been in the shop forever. Now if I could only sell the dang thing I’d be happier.


2 thoughts on “Wrap Up…

  1. I love following up Ian – who else could say pyjamas?

    Sounds like a wonderful Nativity, Philippa, and the kids did great. I hardly ever step foot into Nordstroms, so I. is ahead of me! Grin.

    Good luck on the car…

  2. I can just picture you in the pyjamas sitting on the Slumber Sack — looks very comfortable.

    Wonderful to hear the joyous Christmas you had, and my continued prayers for the sale of the car.

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