The "Blog" Year In Review

David Holford at David’s Daily Diversions says this is one of those bugs that’s going around. He caught it from Kathryn. I’ve caught it from him. The idea is to reprint the first line, or sentence, of the first post of each month of the past year. Here it goes.

January: It is less than 11 hours into the new year. 2005 is like a blank piece of watercolor paper waiting for its first strokes of the brush, defining and then creating a beautiful piece of art, be it scenery or still life.

February: Saturday and Sunday were good days.

March: The caption that came with this EXCELLENT picture said, “I am only as strong as the coffee I drink, the hairspray I use and the friends I have.

April: Why is it that on my blog page it shows “0” comments on the “Stuff” entry, when in fact there is “1” comment?!

May: Easter has always been my favorite Holy Day since I can remember.

June: A holy man spent many years begging God to send him someone who could teach him the shortest and safest route to sanctity.

July: Because you are a kindred spirit –

August: Help give Journeyman James a good head count so his survey is good and complete.

September: I remember when…in 1978 I went to Italy for two weeks with my parents and came home to the “oil crisis,” rationing, and lines at the pump a mile long – literally.

October: Today was a day like any other.

November: As has become a multiple-times-a-week habit, I had a great evening chat with my best friend who I shall name Mama Squirrel.

December: WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Rant ahead!!!

Well, I’m happy to note that every month except December started off with a positive comment. That’s encouraging to me!

If the bug infects you, give this a whirl. Like Dave, I won’t tag anyone, but leave a comment if you succumb and start coughing! LOL! LOL!


3 thoughts on “The "Blog" Year In Review

  1. Philippa, Thanks for the hat tip! Your blog is new to me, and I found it through checking my links.

    One problem. With your typeface and type size I’m having a great deal of trouble reading your blog. I’ve adjusted my font size as high as it will go, and I put on reading glasses — now I can read it. Sigh. Being middle aged has its moments.

    I’m glad you had fun with this. I’ve been enjoying as much as I can decipher.

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