010106 – 11:14 p.m. EST

It is hard to believe the first day of the new 2006 is nearly over.

It was a wonderful blessing to start the new year with Vespers last evening and being blessed with holy oil. The temple was filled with incense, chanting of 3 choir members and that of the priest, candles glowing, dim lights, and the saints – and that was it. I must say, I thought it was beautiful inspite of the emptiness that was visible to the naked eye.

Then this morning singing in Liturgy and receiving communion seemed so right to begin the first full day of the new year. Two more gifts came my way from some of the Sunday school children. They’ve spoiled me! I’ve enough chocolate to last me till Pascha – but it won’t I assure you! And two of the kids gave me a photo of themselves that is so precious. It has found a home on the shelf in my den where all photos reside of other children who are special in my life .

The Christmas decorations came down and are on the dining room table awaiting to be boxed up.

I succumbed to exhaustion and took an hour nap, only to be awakened by DS who came home for a fitting of the trousers he received for Christmas. They needed some taking in at the waist. I basted them to the new size and wanted him to try them on before I commited them to the “final” stitching. They turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself. Especially since the sewing machine wasn’t working and I had to make the machine work purely by hand. The machine is a very old Sears and Roebuck my Grandmother bought about 50 or more years ago. It hasn’t been serviced since 1993. I think it’s time.

And so as the day comes to a close, as well as this post, I wish all of you a good rest on this first night of 2006.


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