Duct Tape

Mary Brigid has a fantastic blog post today. There is no way I can top it. No way. I’m not up on the political scene at all. But I can say this…

…Pat Robertson is a damn idiot. I wish he would just shut up. I don’t know what Bible he’s reading or what God he believes in but it sure as shootin’ ain’t the same Bible I’m reading or God I’m loving.

So if MaryBrigid needs any help, I’ll volunteer. I’ll sit on Robertson while she tapes his mouth shut.


6 thoughts on “Duct Tape

  1. Philippa’s Mom wrote:

    I cannot imagine where Robertson gets off making those kinds of comments. Maybe he has a diseased mind. If you need any help holding him down to tape his mouth I can help I am also a good seamstress maybe sewing his mouth shut first would be a good idea this way when the tape wears off he will be permantly quieted.

  2. I am in agreement with every single post – the original and all the comments.

    You go, Mary Brigid and duct tape posse!

  3. Can’t think of a better use for a roll of duct tape!

    He has always seemed pretty mean spirited — and wrong!

    Cos’n Ken

  4. Thanks for posting the link — what a lollapalooza of a post! You sit on Robertson, I’ll tie his hands behind his back (or hog-tie him, if I can), and she can tape his mouth shut. And thanks for using “duct” tape. I’ve gotten so tired of seeing “duck” tape!

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