Car Saga

Well dear readers, we are entering the final chapters of the car saga. The Dodge still sits in the street with a “for sale” sticker on it, costing us monthly buck-a-roos. Brainstorming took us to the idea of trading it and my car, a 2000 Toyota Camry (120,000+ miles) in on a newer vehicle. Hmmm…two for one. I dunno. It would have to be a good deal.

So we traipsed off to the Toyota dealer last night with the Dodge and the Camry to visit our friendly sales guy, Joe. We explained what we wanted to do. Joe took a fast look at the two cars and gave us very nice trade in values on both. Frankly, I was surprised. The hubster, far more knowledgeable in that area, was not. There weren’t many used vehicles with lower mileage available. “For a few more dollars, I can put you in a 2006,” says Joe. Of course, that’s his job. So we looked at a 2006 Toyota Corolla. Very nice car. What is “standard” in a vehicle nowadays, was considered “upgraded” not that long ago. Standard means: power windows & door locks & sideview mirrors, security system, dual front airbags, automatic, power everything, stuff like that, fancy sound system. We could drive that off the lot and only be paying $10.00 per month more than what we are currently on our Dodge. Hmmm…I dunno. I wasn’t overly thrilled.

So off Joe went to return the keys and comes back with a little index card, all excited. “Hey look what just came in!” says he. “A 2005 Corolla, burgundy, low mileage, the works (except for power windows), and $1,300 less than the new one. “Hmmmmm….,” says we. “Let’s take it for a spin,” suggests Joe. So off we go. Since it will be my car, I drove it. Hardly got out of the parking lot and nearly got hit by a huge tractor trailer. “Oh this is great,” wryly says me. But we made it across the street safely and I took a little spin. Oh what a cute little car! And it drove very nicely! I give the hubster the look that says, “Oh yeah! Dis is it!”

After parking said cute car, we meandered back to the office and hubster whisperingly suggests to me he likes the newer car better, power windows etc. I whispered back, “We’re willing to pay $1,300 more for power windows on a 2006 that has a shorter warranty period? I’d rather have the 2005 with the longer certified warranty. Power windows aren’t that important.” Hubster whispers back, “Good point.”

So we closed the deal at 8:00 p.m. last night, landing a monthly payment that is $25.00 a month less, less monthly gas cost outlay because the mpg is 31 city/38 highway. With the car’s security system we’ll get a little savings on the insurance. We pick up the new car Friday.

Friday – the final chapter of “The Car Saga.” Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Car Saga

  1. Hoorah! Thanks be to God.

    I once had a burgundy Corolla hatchback: very nice. Burgundy is a nice colour (for me).

  2. Sounds wonderful! Yay!

    My father just bought his second Toyota Camry, and I drove it to Disneyland in the Spring, it drove very nicely, handled well and had some nice features without being “tricked out”.

    Does it have heated seats? I LOVE my heated seats!

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