Supposedly "Oriented"

Tonight was orientation for students who are taking evening classes at college. Since I am enrolled to take Historical Methods at night and am a “new” student to the college, I needed to attend. Whoopee. I hate those things. Necessary. But yuck. Though I did have a good cup of coffee and two lemon sugar cookies!

We were asked to introduce ourselves, give our declared field of study, and one unusual thing about ourselves. I was the only History major in the room. The majority of others were there for teacher certification. Quite a number of those other people were female engineers who were changing careers after having done the career then mommy thing. One gentleman had been in the textile field for 37 years and was studying to be an accountant. One woman was from Thailand, one woman from Switzerland, and one woman from Syria. Very cool. All had lovely accents. Another guy used to work for the Baseball Commissioner. Ha!

We did the “tour” of the campus which consisted of walking around outside and looking at where buildings were located. The campus is small but there is a lot of stuff on it. Went to the bookstore and picked up our books. Mine were two uninteresting books so I flipped through them quickly. Historical Methods is going to be all about “how” to do historical research and write about it thus the books are reference type books. A necessity of learning. Sounds a tad boring though. And I am sure there will be a major research paper to do. Need I say I am intimidated?! More than a tad?!

Then we went to Campus Safety for the i.d. thing. Thankfully I already had one since I am a family member of an employee of the college, so didn’t need to have a mug shot taken again. They will reuse the one in the system but attach a student i.d. number to it. I pick it up Wednesday.

I dunno how I feel about all this. I’m always nervous right out of the gate, even though I’ve done this twice before. I think things like, “Wow, these women are engineers! They’re really smart! They’ll do great!” and “What am I doing here?” (Yeah, yeah…I know…I’ll do fine…yada…yada…) The person who spoke at the orientation kept reminding us that what we are doing by going back to school takes a lot of courage. Yeah, I’m all over that!! And he told us to keep in mind we are not alone. There is help whenever we need it; from tutoring, to listening, to someone to walk us to our car after class if we feel uncomfortable doing so in the dark.

It will be different taking classes at night. I’ve not done that before except one class in the summer. By the end of the day I am whooped. I hope I perk up for studies and class.

So that was my night. And then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I hate doing things for the first time.


3 thoughts on “Supposedly "Oriented"

  1. You are incredible and will be an asset to the class. However, I totally understand where you are coming from.

    The lemon cookies sound yummy, though.

  2. You are one very smart woman: just look at all the wonderful stuff you have done [and I only know the stuff you’ve told us about!] You will do wonderfully; I’m sure. Enjoy it! It sounds as if you’ll have a great class.

    It’s also interesting hearing you talk about study when college doesn’t start for a month or so here [some, two months] aftr the summer break.

  3. My Mom always said the jiggety jig thing too!

    I’m sure you will do well. You seem like the kind of person who gets things done when they are really focused. We will keep you in prayer as you start this new adventure!

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