Car Saga: The FINAL Chapter

Yes, you read the title correctly. The FINAL chapter! YeHaw!

After work today I went over to the dealership to pick up my “new” car. The check made it’s way to the right place, no thanks to bad weather and FedEx, so the telephone call came, “You can pick up your car!”

Oooooo! It’s so nice and shiney! And drives really nicely for a 4-cylinder engine. I think I’m gonna like trekking around in it. It fits me well too. Or I fit it well.

So the Dodge has gone bye-bye, as has my Toyota Camry…all 120,413 miles of her. That was a good car. I hope and pray the Corolla goes as far or farther.

Tomorrow evening Father is coming to bless the house. I shall have him bless the car too!



4 thoughts on “Car Saga: The FINAL Chapter

  1. My house blessing was tonight and I forgot to have Fr. bless my car. I need it the way I drive!

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