Since September of 2004, the inauguration of this blog, there have been 10,084 visitors. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

Thank you dear and faithful readers, for stopping by to peruse the blog. I’m glad you find it interesting enough to visit and read, enough to put the count over 10,000.

Hugs to all! Philippa

Update: A reader asked how did I know how many visitors I’ve had to my blog. Answer: I have a Sitemeter on the bottom of the blog that keeps count. It is free to anyone who’d like one. Here is the link to find out more.

And to the same reader, thanks for letting me know about how many blog feeds this blog has! Cool! Though I’ve seen many with a lot more than 8.


4 thoughts on “10,084

  1. How do you find that out?

    Also, I notice that you have 8 subscribers via Bloglines. That’s more than anyone else I know! Congratulations!

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