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Mimi asked for a link to the article I read called The Recent Historiography of the English Reformation. It can be found here and information related to the article can be found here. I couldn’t find the whole thing on-line but appears if you have a good library that has subscriptions to the journal mentioned in the first link, you will have success in accessing the whole article.

Ian from Oz asked, Why had the Smithsonian exhibit on Hiroshima and Nagasaki failed? If I understand John W. Dower’s article correctly, it failed because the Smithsonian wanted to exhibit the truth and not the “historical amnesia” he said both Japan and America adopted. According to Dower, Japan has kept a victim mentality about the entire war and especially about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America has kept the same mentality especially about the attack on Pearl Harbor, as well as having the hero mentality. Dower wrote about how America dropped the bombs on Japan as a mercy act thereby saving millions of lives of not only Americans but Japanese too. To quote Dower, Many critics of the Smithsonian’s original plans to mount an ambitious and nuanced exhibition argued that it was inappropriate for a public institution to be yond the ‘simple fact’ that the bomb was used to end the war and save American lives. Hope that answers your question Ian!

So 3 things for today:
1) The hubster got the utility washtub in the laundry area hooked up successfully. I am very happy and missed it when we were painting the living room. I hate to wash paint brushes and such in the kitchen sink!
2) The hubster’s decorative eye has won the day! The newly painted and arranged living room looks absolutely fantastic. We did a sponging off technique on the walls with glazing. It is exactly what I was hoping to do; add color and texture to the walls.
3) The thyroid doctor gave me a clean bill of health today. I told him I was having trouble concentrating on my reading for my class and felt a little tired all the time. So he gave me a new prescription for a mildly increased dose of my thyroid medication. All else is stable. Yippeee!

Lastly, I cannot understand why my blog roll to the right is all messed up. Any suggestions for repair oh techno readers?


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  1. (by the way, do you mean that it is pushed so far down? Mine does that when I have a big picture on my blog – and then when the article gets pushed off the front page, it’ll come back to the top. Mine is doing it right now due to my “are you Erudite” quiz result, but I like the photo so I’m not worrying too much)

  2. Great news on the thyroid!

    And thanks for the explanation on the exhibit.

    No idea about the blogroll…. Is it still showing in the Template tab? Perhaps you need to hit that “Republish Entire Blog” button and see what happens??? Good luck!

  3. THANK YOU! I will be ordering the journal in the interlibrary loan post haste!

    Congratulations on the utility sink. I wish we’d had one installed.

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