Answers to Questions & 3 Things

Mimi kindly pointed out that her sidebar drops to the bottom of the page when she posts something that is bigger than the column width. Yup. That’s happened to me too. But once it moves off the page, the sidebar usually kicks back into place. Mine did go back into place once the birthday flower post dropped off the page, but for some reason it’s is weird again. Oh well. I just won’t worry about it.

Jim N. wants to know if pictures of the living room will be posted. To answer: not yet dah-ling! It is a mis-mosh of furniture and color at this point. Once we get the new couch and carpet, I’ll post a pic of the finished room. Until then…ya just gotta wait! Though once I get the cool wall decos up, I may post a pic of them. But I’ve got to make them first. Ha!

Three things for today:
1) I got my grandmother’s antique Kenmore sewing machine out of the sewing cabinet and to the repair shop. Estimate of repair: $55 plus parts. I was pretty pleased with that since the sewing machine is 50 years old. Downside: gotta wait 3 1/2 weeks for it because there are so many repairs ahead of mine.

2) The sun was shining for a little while today. That was a nice treat.

3) We bought a new blanket for our bed tonight. The electric blankets were priced way too high for our wallet, even on sale. Eagle eye hubster found a mattress pad that is heated that was almost half price, so we purchased that instead. We were happy.


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