Beautiful & Inspiring

Doing my usual evening perusal of my favorite blogs last eveing, Jim posted a link to Tracy’s blog where she wrote about beautiful things. What wonderful questions she asked! So I’ve posted her thoughts here and ask you dear readers:

“What do you think are the most beautiful things in the world? OK, not “things” necessary, but human creations or natural creations or things related to God? What things do YOU personally find beautiful? What inspires you, to joy, to play, to work — not for duty’s sake or mere interest’s sake, but things that give you joy, peace, happiness? What do you find aesthetically pleasing? What do you find deeply good and true, not just in the sense of social necessity, but to souls, to your soul, to harmony or beauty of soul?”

She’s graciously provided categories to help those who are not “categorically-minded.”

Things I personally find beautiful or inspiring, which bring me joy, peace, happiness are (in no particular order):
The smell and warmth of an infant who is just waking from sleep.
Watching all the children in our parish reverence the icons.
The light in a child’s eye and the smile on their face when you see they finally “get it.” The A-ha! moment of learning
That moment of knowing, the glint in the eye
Reading a spiritual word and hearing God’s.

What I find deeply good and true:
There is only one thing and that is prayer.

Things I find beautiful, but not necessarily inspiring —Gardens: Vegetable and Flower
Clothing, jewelry
A nicely decorated home

Things many people seem to find beautiful that don’t inspire me —Modern art or art for art’s sake.
Van Gogh, Matisse, Georgia O’Keefe (I know, it’s shameful but I cannot tell a lie!)
Country living

Things I’m not sure what to do with (things that might or should inspire me, but I don’t know yet) —
Animal rights activists