At last night’s class, Professor set us free into the wooly wild of the library to begin our research for our papers but not before we reviewed our last exercise which was to search out a variety of sources and type them up in the bibliographical style. Did I have a clue what to do? NOPE. Did I start to panic? Absolutely! I worked through it though and managed to put something together to hand in. I clearly did not know what I was doing but after sitting through class listening to others talk about the same thing, I felt 900% better.

Professor showed us his grading shorthand that will no doubt find its way on to all of our papers. He was most humorous in his presentation of said shorthand and I was rolling with laughter by the time he was done. He says things with such wonderful whimsy and twinkly eyes, one cannot help but laugh. The shorthand is as follows:

A check mark means, “Hmmm…interesting point.” Or “Good point.” Or “Well said.”
A question mark means, “Hmmm…not sure about this.” Or “check your references.” Or “Questionable, let’s talk.”
An exclamation point means, “THE HELL YOU SAY!!!”

I dearly hope I don’t get any exclamation points!

After class I trotted over to the library to take out three books I found on Eleanor of Aquitaine. Of course, once again my library card didn’t work. And I happened to pick the SINGLE BOOK that was NOT LISTED IN THE SYSTEM!!! [Sigh] And of course, it was THE book I wanted to take out because it was THE BIOGRAPHY on Eleanor!!! [Sigh #2] The main librarian would need to “straighten it all out” and could I “come back tomorrow” the evening librarian asked? [Sigh #3] Yes I could, gracious person that I am.

Sooooo I went back this evening to pick it up and guess what…my library card still didn’t work. [Sigh #4] But there was a note in the book that said

There is no need to check this out. The item has been withdrawn from Trexler Library. You may keep it as our gift.

[Happy Sigh #1!]
The title of said “gift?” Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings by Amy Kelly

Mimi…I can hear you screaming from here girl!!!


4 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Amandil, yes you’re right, they can mean “wow” too. However, our professor said they would mean what the post indicated. Sooooo, I dearly hope I DON’T get any!!

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Mimi, I knew you’d be screaming! LOL!

    Ian, we use the word “tick” also. My aunt who working in finances for a big oil company calls “check marks” ticks.

  2. EEeek! I am screaming from here! Oooooh, enjoy so much! What an awesome gift!

    And, LOL at the system, and let us doubly hope you don’t get any exclamation points in red.

  3. An exclamation point, as I understand, can also mean “wow” or “wonderful” (albeit rarely) — just to complicate matters.

  4. Wow. Fantastic!

    And I’m sure you’ll be getting plenty of checks (ticks as we call them down here) on your papers.

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