Uno, Dos, Tres

Uno) Join me in adopting Asa’s new word – propular. Don’t you just love it?!? You can read about it here. Use propular in a sentence in the comments and win a gold star!

Dos) Fr. Joseph has a good funny on his blog. Read and laugh…or groan. Hilarious! Can you tell I am easily amused?

Tres) Symeon has posted favorite love poems. My favorite is “How Do I Love Thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning


5 thoughts on “Uno, Dos, Tres

  1. Sonnet 22 is lovely as well. I’d not read that one before.

    Sounds like a good exhibit Dave. Unfortunately, the pond is too long to swim! How sad she died so young (age 55) according to the link.

  2. He called her “my Portuguese” because of her dark hair and complexion.

    I supposed most readers won’t be able to visit the exhibition How Do I Love Thee that just opened at the British Library, to celebrate the bicentenery of EBB birth. That include me, as it just costs too much to get to (and around) London. I sure would like to, though.

  3. I said that poem to my wife at our wedding, along with sonnet 22. Both of them are from EBB’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese”. Her husband, Robert, called her “my Portuguese” though I don’t know why.


  4. I’m a fan of “To A Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet, but “How Do I Love Thee” is a close second.

    Propular, giggle.

  5. EBB’s Sonnet 43 has long been one of my favourites. At one time, I used to purchased every edition of Sonnets From the Portuguese that I found in used bookstores.

    EBB spent much of her childhood here in the Shire, just about 15 miles east of where I am now typing. The John Masefield High School in that town is named after another hometown poet, author of another of my favourites, “Sea Fever”. It is also the location of the largest annual poetry festival in Britain.

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