Nice & Relaxed

The hubster and I took a little trip to the northwestern regions of New York State to visit his sister. We had a lovely time as we always do when in her company.

The weather was beastly cold, especially Friday, with winds that were clocked at 77 mph at the airport. We lost electricity for a bit, which drove us out to find a hot breakfast and good coffee. Afterwards we took a trip to a men’s clothing manufacturer’s outlet to shop for the hubster. We met with excellent success and he is restocked on clothing for the next several years. All at a fabulously low price since we scored a 30% discount on top of the sales prices! Woot!

My sil has learned to quilt and the bug has bitten her hard! So hard she is making everyone in the family a quilt. Can you imagine that?! She took us to the fabric store to purchase the fabric we wanted the quilt made in. For the signature piece I chose a fabric made up of shades of purples, roses, yellows and greens. The design is of Johnny-Jump-Ups. The remaining 5 fabrics were complimentary to the signature fabric. Once it is done I shall post a picture, but I am sure that will be some time from now.

I brought work with me to do and completed it Friday afternoon. I then pillaged sil’s bookshelves for things on Eleanor and the Crusades. SIL is an avid reader and loves history thus I scored three great books that will be of assistance to the research.

Though it is always nice to travel…it is always nice to be home.


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