Three Things

1) I met with my professor this evening to discuss my progress on my research for my paper. I’ve not gotten very far with reading, but am making some progress. I told him about how I want to research information according to what paragraph I’m writing and feeling like I need to have all my notes organized and completed before putting “pen to paper” (or fingers to keyboard as the case may be). He understood exactly what I meant – bless the man. He suggested I just sit down and start to write using what notes I’ve found. Write till it peters out. Then continue along in the same direction or start a new one if necessary. I think I shall follow his advice as I’ve started the opening paragraph of the paper at least 3 times in my head!

2) Today my 20 year old daughter came home from work to tell me that after 5 months of employment (2 part-time/3 full-time), she has been promoted to head teacher of the infant room at Mulberry Child Care and Pre-School. She will supervise two assistant teachers, will have 14 infants under her supervisory charge, she will supervise curriculum, develop schedules & groups, be in charge of the care of the room. I am very proud of her and pleased for her sake as well.

3) Here it is the first day of March and the howling winter weather is trying for its last breath. We are due a winter storm tomorrow that is calling for ice, snow and freezing rain. Oh joy. NOT. At least I was smart enough to bring work home so perhaps I can get some of it done without too many distractions.


3 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! Wonderful news.

    Prayers for your paper: not that you seem to need them! Go you!

    Stay safe (and warm!) God bless.

  2. Best wishes on the paper and hooray for your daughter, I worked in an infant care room for a time myself…stay warm!

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