My Spring Jacket

Well, actually it isn’t my spring jacket. Well maybe it is. It used to be my daughter’s but she didn’t like it anymore, so I scarfed it up before it made its way into the donation bag.

It is periwinkle blue, zips up the front, has a thin navy blue and white stripe up both arms from wrist to shoulder and has a hood. It was “trendy” a few years ago. I guess it isn’t now. But I like the color and it fits me. The daughter says I look “cool” in it. Now that’s a goal for every middle aged woman! NOT!

Today I wore it because the temperatures were hovering around 50 degrees F. As it happens every year at this time, as the temperature goes up, people come out of hibernation to breath the fresh clean air. Driving home from work I saw the playgrounds with little pink and blue clad children running around, going up and down the slides and swinging on the swings. There were softball teams practicing on the fields. A jogger crossed my path. Two young teens, with arms arapped as tightly as possible around one another’s waists strolled the sidewalk.

Ah! Spring is in the air! I’m ready! I’ve got my favorite jacket! It’s supposed to go up to 66 degrees F Saturdya. Come on by and we’ll take a walk together. Okay?


4 thoughts on “My Spring Jacket

  1. Hey Cuz Ken. The temps are up to a whopping 68 today. The windows are open and I am cleaning. Looks like Punxatwany Phil the Groundhog was wrong….

    …now watch it snow next week.

  2. Being cool is always a goal — middle aged or not.

    It was all of 34 F when I left work today. Enjoy Spring!

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