Free Time. What’s that?

Free time has been lacking in my life this last month, or so it feels. There is now a large light at the end of the tunnel called work. A huge project that I and my co-workers have been working on is coming to its conclusion. A 62% return rate on a survey we are conducted for a school, when 28% was expected, has caused a good deal of nights and weekends to be spent tabulating results and typing up accompanying comments. When all is said and done, the final report will be close to 100 pages, if not more. I’ll be glad when it is put to bed because I am seeing excel worksheets in my sleep!

With the lack of free time, I’ve not kept up with my blog-reading even though I have bloglines. Last evening I took a little bit of time to read through things. In my attempt to make comments on some blogs, Blogger was experiencing a hiccup of some kind because no matter how many times I typed in the word for verification, it kicked it back saying “No go. Try again.” and would give me the same word. Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat. Eventually I gave up. Hope the kinks get worked out.

Though the days are still quite cold, the spring flowers have popped up and are a good 4 – 6 inches above ground. I even saw a few yellow daffodils budding. What a welcome bright sight. I’m looking forward to those in my own garden to bloom so I can bring some brightness into the house.

Now that this project is nearly done, I am looking forward to have my evenings and weekends free to work on some decorating projects that are in the pipe.


5 thoughts on “Free Time. What’s that?

  1. I’m so glad your light is shining at the end of the tunnel, you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult month.

  2. Papa Herman, according to my boss, a 23% to 25% return rate is considered normal. We bumped it up to 28% because 4 years ago we did another survey, though not as in-depth as this one and the return rate was about 25%.

    While the 62% return rate is awesome, it is that high due to anger on the part of the parents. This provided an opporutnity for them to vent and for the Board to hear them.

  3. a 62% return when 28% was expected… sounds like great results!

    out of curiosity, not having any experience in this realm, 28% seems low to me for response to a survey; it that a normal expectation from survey takers or does it depend on the survey?

  4. My tulips have been showing growth for some time now. I was pleased with some snow cover to slow them down. This morning I woke up to heavy frost. Spring is surely on its way to Montana.

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