Friday’s are my usual day off from work. It makes for nice long weekends, ones in which much can be accomplished. The last 4 weekends have been taken up with work. This is my first free one in what seems like a long time. The list of “to do’s” is long. But what a wonderful feeling to know I don’t have to sit down and do work! I really don’t know how people who log in 60 and 70 hour work weeks do it. They have my sympathy.

Today started off with my quarterly visit to the doctor. Blood tests came back positive except for elevated cholesterol. The doc wants to put me on a statin, but I’m bucking him for a little while longer. I want to give the Omega-3’s a few more months of working to drop it naturally. My hdl/ldl ratio is superb so I’m not overly worried. Actually, I’m not worried at all.

I also told the doc that I was happy with the way I’ve been handling the overt stress of the last few months. What would have plunged me into the depths of despair, did not. I could feel the fog of depression move in for 3 or 4 days, then feel it lift the 2 days following. I am quite happy to be able to manage my depression and anxiety with the new things I’ve learned about myself and with meds. Since you’re reading this on a blog, you can tell I don’t care what people think about me having this problem. What I do hope is that I can use it for the good of someone else.

As the office visit concluded the doctor said, “You’ve made an excellent turnaround in the last year or so. I am very proud of you and all the hard work you’ve done.” I called the hubster right away and he expressed the same joy and pride. Funny how those simple words made me feel really, really good.

Went to the farmer’s market and bought three bags of goodies. I splurged and bought myself a mango and a fresh pineapple. Also a few shrimp and a fillet of flounder. I’m still sorting out what I’m going to do with all of that. But I assure you, somehow it will end up as dinner!

Lunch consisted of brushetta on fresh crusty braided sesame italian bread, some dried mixed fruit and a cup of hot tea. Lovely.

After I finish this post the sloppy kitchen will be attacked by a yellow rubber-gloved woman wielding a scrub brush! So watch out germs and dust bunnies. The mad cleaning woman is on the run!

To all, a Blessed Feast of the Annunciation tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Whohoooo! What a lovely doctor’s visit! Yay!

    Another one who’d love to have her kitchen feel the love…

  2. Laura, I’m happy to come clean your kitchen. I love to clean. Yes, I’m certifiable. I always get such a good feeling after cleaning and having everything so sparkly.

    I don’t know anything about the retreat you are talking about. Can you tell me more? The Antiochian Village is near Pittsburgh, PA. That is about 5.5 hours from where I live, which is north of Philadelphia about an hour.

    Maybe I’d go if I had a friend to room with. Never having done anything like that before, I probably wouldn’t go on my own.

  3. How wonderful that you’ve made such improvements over the last year! I will pray that you continue with the upswing!

    Feel free to come attack my kitchen once you finish with yours!

    (you aren’t by any chance going to the Antiochian Women of the East Retreat April 7-9th? It’s at the Antiochian Village…somewhere in PA but I’m not sure exactly.)

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