The Kitchen Sink Perspective

While standing at the kitchen sink a few nights ago, I thought about how many nights I had spent standing in the same place from ages 12 to 20, washing, drying and/or putting dinner dishes away. It’s like that when you return to the home of your youth, but you are on the higher side of numerical scale than the lower.

In the blink of an eye, I am no longer a teen and my parents are no longer young adults. The roles have reversed. They need help negotiating some things. They need some help fixing things around the house. They need help negotiating a world that is moving at a lightening pace.

I will be in their shoes some day, being the one who is living in a world that moves at lightening speed, with technology that is beyond my understanding, and with doctor’s that are young enough to be my grandchildren.

I am watching. I am learning.


One thought on “The Kitchen Sink Perspective

  1. Strange. I was washing and drying dishes yesterday and thinking that my wifely dishwasher was no longer there beside me. A blessed memory. Besides when there was the two of us we usually had enough to used the Dishwasher and we could sit and watch TV together.

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