Someone Explain To Me

Went to Target this glorious afternoon to purchase myself a new lunch-bucket. The old one was purchased 15 years ago and has definitely seen better days. The new one is pink! Woot!

While traipsing around Target with my little red cart, I passed an attractive young lady with three adorable children in-tow as well as her Mom. (I assume so since they looked very similar.) The young mom was adorned with tatoos…everywhere! One across the middle of her cleavage, one on her upper arm, one further down the arm and who knows where else. And these were not small little flowers or something like that. They were BIG suckers, problem 8 – 10 inches across, with red and twirly things, and goodness only knows what else. I wonder what she’s going to tell her kids when they want one too?

As I exited the store after completing my purchase, there was a young man having his smoking break with his cell phone attached to his ear lamenting to someone on the other end about his employer giving him grief about his tatoo. His ears were pierced with those things that look like washers. You know what I mean. Big circles with a hole in the middle and they continual put larger and larger ones in to make the hole in the lobe larger and larger.

Would someone please explain to me what is supposed to be attract about these items? Or is it that they want to be offensive and ugly? If it is the latter, they have succeeded.

Makes no sense to me.

Excuse me while I go change my cranky pants.



3 thoughts on “Someone Explain To Me

  1. Your comment reminded me of a young person who also commented about the “rush.” That the pain was addicting. I wonder if we are so desensitized to everything, that people seek to “feel” something, anything, even pain in order to just FEEL. Do you know what I mean?

    As for the intiation, yeah I know what you mean. I remember when our son turned 13, my hubster commented that there was no rite of passage for him, so he created one.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. No more nor no less attraction so than one bee to another: trust me, it works when you’re within the subculture.

    Body modification is also rather like a drug: I have one tattoo from about ten years ago, and several other bits of jewellery here and there. Each one was an adrenaline rush that lasted for several days and a bit of a high that was, in the case of the tattoo, about a month long.

    Like all addictions there can be regret: I usually wish people didn’t ask about the tattoo now, but I’ve settled on a few piercings and let the others close up as I’ve aged.

    Also while it may never be expressed this way verbally, for some it is a sort of initiation – in a society that is woefully missing such rites.

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