Friday Fandango

Minor Clergy has a news alert we must all read and pay attention to. My question is, what type of trash bag will be most effective in containing said dust from the cleaning? As you all know, trash bags come in different densities depending on their specific use; outdoor trash or kitchen trash. I’ll have to do more investigating into this!

Mom to the Screaming Masses has shared a great idea of doing a week in review. Perhaps I shall post something similar tomorrow. Today I will be spending time working on the first draft of my paper on Eleanor of Aquitaine which is due Monday night.

In the news today, Naomi Campbell has been arrested for throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper and hitting the back of her head, splitting open far enough to require 4 staples to close it. Of course, Naomi claims she is not to blame. Her hot temper is her father’s fault for abandoning her as a child. But the police are treating her nicely. I so happy for her.


One thought on “Friday Fandango

  1. I think I’ll use one of those “hot air” balloons to put my computer in. Maybe it will take off!

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