Princess Grace Close to Home

You will be interested to know, dear readers, that the chaplain mentioned in this article on Princess Grace, is the husband of my boss! Yupper! I get to hear these stories all the time and even look at pictures and have seen the Christmas cards sent by Prince Albert, who used to be David Voellinger’s altar boy!

A photo of the Prince and Princess of Monaco on their wedding day can be found here.

It truly is a small world.


6 thoughts on “Princess Grace Close to Home

  1. If Mr. V. is not a laicized Catholic priest, than I wonder how he ever have become a chaplain to the Grimaldis, who were as Catholic in their “public profile” a tleast as you could get. They would have no more use for a Lutheran chaplain than they would for a Buddhist ot Bahai chaplain.

    I suspect he was one once; a priest, that is.

  2. Amandil, I do not think he is a laicized priest as he does not do anything remotely close to the Catholic church but I am not sure. He goes to a liberal Lutheran church with his wife. He also is available for hire for weddings via a website that he advertises his services. He doesn’t wear priestly vestments to perform them as far as I know.

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