Summer Vacation

This weekend the hubster and I plotted and planned summer vacations. He has 14 days to use between now and August 30. We’ve decided to go two places:

(1) Asheville, NC
(2) Cooperstown, NY

I’ve never been to #1. I’ve been to #2 a few times.

I understand the Biltmore is in Asheville so am looking forward to seeing that. The hubster wants to hike or something like that. So dear Readers who are in that neck of the woods….

…any suggestions for what to see and where to go in Asheville?


3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. Ooooh, are you going to visit HuwRaphael? My priest’s daughter and a daughter of a good friend of mine go to college there, but they may be home by the time you get there.


  2. If you are in Cooperstown any time between July 9 and July 22, there’s a chance we could meet — I’m expecting to be at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, about 15 miles north of Cooperstown. They have a two-week music school that, although I have already graduated, I can’t seem to resist; and the atmosphere is just beautiful. You might also like to check out Richfield Springs, a sleepy little town halfway between Cooperstown and the monastery; they have a great guesthouse, Four Seasons. *Very* restful.

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