Coming down the home stretch

Yes, I’m coming down the homestretch of when the research paper is due. Wednesday, May 3 is the deadline. On the one hand I’m glad because I’m tired of writing. But on the other hand I’m disappointed because I feel like I’ve not done enough research and I honestly would like to continue to investigate Eleanor (of Aquiatine) and other things of that time period.

So far I’ve 10 pages of writing and need to get out 5 more for a total of 15. I’ve got chunks of information in the paper. One section is the intro. One section is about Eleanor, another is about Louis, then the third is about the two in their early marriage. I’ve a fourth section about The Second Crusade that I need to flesh out. Where I’m going with all this information is to conclude that Eleanor was quite “normal” in her accompanying Louis on Crusade as that was standard and that she was quite “normal” in her interests and caring for her lands.

I’ve also discovered that many of the outrageous stories that are written as factual are in fact legends and bunk. She was not a bare-breasted Amazon type woman who rode with her female vassals into the Holy Land to take on the infidels. No, she did not have an affair with Saladin. No she did not have an affair with her Uncle Raymond of Antioch.

If anyone is interested in learning more about her, there are fantastic audio cd’s put out by The Teaching Company. Professor Bonnie Wheeler is the feature lecturer. Her topic is Medieval Heroines in History and Legend, and was published in 2002. Eleanor is featured on 5 (I think) of the cd’s. The lectures were very, very interesting and informative.

Once the paper is done and handed in, as promised earlier I will post it here. Probably only a few pages at a time since it will be so long. Obviously I’ll have to reformat it from footnotes to endnotes.

So hang tough readers…only one more week!


3 thoughts on “Coming down the home stretch

  1. Happy dance for you as you approach the end.

    I have listened to or used many CD’s/Video’s from the Teaching Company. They always seem to have excellent stuff.


  2. Ooooh! The home stretch! Yay!

    Can’t wait to read it.

    Glad to know she didn’t have an affair with her uncle, I never believed that – ew and ick.

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