A walk through the Blogger Garden

Did you know that when you view someone’s profile, you can link on one of their interests and those in blogdom who have the same interest pop-up? I didn’t know that. So this morning I took a little cyber-walk through the Blogger Garden. Here is what I found that was interesting to me:

Kevin Bridges has a very good post on hospital chaplains. It made me think of my own priest who is a hospice chaplain.

Too bad Lisa Gassin hasn’t posted anything in awhile. I linked her because I liked her description of her occupation: Absentminded Professor.

Yurag the Illuminated’s blog looks to be an interesting one. It appears to be new. I’ll have to revisit this one occasionally to see what else he rants about!

This blog is very cool! I want to know how she got the media player on the banner. And she’s got a cutie pie little boy named Walker. Were my two ever that small? Sigh

In other news:

The Country Parson has started a new blog. This one is for questions and answers.

Mr. Hib-Gib is posting again.

Laura has a great post about Pascha.

Christ Is Risen!!

And above all else, please read this moving depiction of Pascha in Dachau in 1945 at Fr. John Whiteford’s blog. It made me teary reading it.

Indeed……He IS Risen!!

Glory to God forever and ever, ages unto ages. Amen!


2 thoughts on “A walk through the Blogger Garden

  1. I’ve read “Pascha in Dachau in 1945” before, but every time it gives me pause and makes me tear up.

    Great “around the blog world” post!

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