St. Macrina the Elder

My cyberfriend Bev Cooke has authored a book! Yippee!! It is about St. Macrina the Elder and is entitled Keeper of the Light. It will be available for purchase from Conciliar Press by the end of May, beginning of June!

Here is what the book jacket says:

The Road to Sainthood takes a lifetime to travel….Late in the fourth century, Christians are labeled enemies of the Roman Empire– hounded, arrested, tortured and executed. Once-wealthy Christians Macrina and her husband Basil flee with their small son to the mountainous forests south of the Black Sea. Macrina embarks on a seven-year journey of unexpected tests and trials that will take her through a harsh and hungry wilderness pilgrimage, only to plunge her into poverty and danger on the streets of Neocaesarea. So begins Macrina’s adventure in faith, as she undertakes the process of becoming one of the most influential women in sacred history, the mother and grandmother of saints. Children and adults will be fascinated by the story of St. Macrina the Elder, who had a profound influence on her grandchildren, St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory of Nyssa and St. Macrina the Younger, making her truly a confessor of the Orthodox Christian faith.

You may view the cover at a temporary web page here, which will be available only till Saturday

The author, Bev Cooke, has a blog that can be found here.