Gonna Get Meself In Trouble With This Post


The opinions are flying around the water cooler about this immigrants’ rally yesterday. Ought they be offered amnesty or not? Ought the borders be closed? Mr. Hib wants to know when the definition of illegal changed from “not legal” to something else. Whereas Morning Coffee is cheering them on and thanking them for their labor. Both entitled to their thoughts and opinions. That’s what makes the world go ’round.

I am a grandchild of an immigrant. My paternal grandparents arrived in the United States from Italy in the 1920’s. My father was born here, but he had cousins who were not. All became US citizens. My Dad tells me how Grandmom would tell him, “We are in America. We are Americans. We speak English now.” This from a woman who could barely read since she only made it through elementary school but was a wiz-bang at Math. Grandpop worked as a laborer. He did landscaping in the summer and dug ditches in the winter in order to feed his family. My Dad recently told me that he never knew a day of hunger. Why? Because Grandpop would sit at the dinner table and make sure his wife and children had food on their plates while forgoing his own.

They came to America because it was the “land of milk and honey.” A place to better themselves and to provide a better life for their children. They didn’t become rich. Grandpop died when my Dad was 18. Dad had to drop out of college so he could work to put food on the table for his sister and mother. Grandmom struggled financially the remainder of her life.

But ya know what? She kept her little American flag wrapped in plastic which she received when she became a citizen. Why? Because she was proud to call herself a CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES.

So to all those who are immigrants who want the benefits of being in the United States, whether it be good pay, medical care, or food; you’re more than welcome to that. We’re happy to share with those who are in need. We are a generous country. But dang it all, if you want to receive the benefits, then do it like my Grandparents did. Do it legally and either get your working papers or become a citizen. And for all those companies who hire illegal immigrants to do work at less than good pay – for shame on you – you should be fined!

Lord have mercy!


4 thoughts on “Gonna Get Meself In Trouble With This Post

  1. My step-grandparents came to this country from Poland in the same way. Legally, through Ellis Island, AND they became citizens. And my stepfather had to go out to work in the same way, at age 16, when his father died suddenly.

    Immigration laws exist in an effort to prevent exactly the kind of situation we *do* have here, thanks to illegals: tuberculosis is on the rise, kids come home with head lice all the time, and who knows what-all other kinds of health problems come creeping over the border (ANY border). We want them to have some means of supporting themselves so that they won’t become a drain on the economy and infrastructure. Oh, and maybe where some people live there’s loads of room, but here in the Northeast — you coulda fooled me. And immigrants like to settle where there are others of their background, so out there on the prairie is going to remain underpopulated for some time to come.

    To say nothing of how unfair it is to those who *do* come here legally. I’m hoping that INS is making an effort to find out who didn’t show up at work on Monday, so they can ship ’em back.

  2. Dave, I understand your point that America is not *full.* That is true. And America is more than happy to receive anyone who wants to come in…as long as they do it *legally.*

    Every other country does it, why can’t/shouldn’t we?

  3. Phillpa,

    My senitments exactly.

    One other point though. These people are not immigrants, at least not in my mind. They’re aliens. They are outside of the norm. The term “immigrant” is being used by the government and the media to evoke the very images that you described – images of the late 18 and early 1900s.

    The intent is to blind us to the fact that what these people are doing is illegal and that this is not immigration, nor are they immigrants – they’re breaking our laws and subversively invading our country.

    What’s happening today is not the same thing that happened 100 years ago. These people are breaking the law, plain and simple.

    And for those who disagree and say we can absorb it, then I suggest you look into the hospitals in California and Arizona that have closed as a result of the influx of illegals and the schools that are filled to capacity with the children of illegal aliens.

    Contrary to popular opinion, I firmly believe that this nation was founded on Christian principles and ideals, and while as Christians, we are supposed to take care of those less fortunate, it’s just as great of a sin to neglect our own.

    They want to be here, fine. Do it legally and I’ll welcome them with open arms.

  4. All of the family that I can trace have been in the US for many generations, many to the Colonial Era. Despite my own ex-pat status, I’m about as ethnically American as you can get.

    Nonetheless, I think immigration controls are wrong. America is not full. There is still a lot of opportunity for everyone who wants to take it up. And if the opportunity wasn’t there, people wouldn’t keep showing up.

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