Saturday Scenario

Today was Parish Clean-up Day. Eight people showed up, which included Father. Some worked inside and some worked outside. Father showed one of the teenaged girls how to wash out communion clothes. Some of the ladies dismantled the kitchen, scrubbed the cabinets, tossed out boxed food from 1998(!), and rearranged the contents in a more sensible way. (Though I am sure someone will be unhappy with it!)

I stayed outside to help the guys with the gardening. One of the men started trimming the arbor vitae which needed it badly. I pulled thistle weeds from all the flower beds and edged them in preparation for fresh mulch. I snatched a dying minature rose bush and an azalea that were inside the church from Pascha (the other flowers looked okay for one more Sunday) and planted them outside in one of the freshly weeded flower beds. Father and his “assistant” watered the flowers with the communion clothe water. Good idea since he used Ivory Soap to wash them and soapy water is known to keep aphids off roses! Whenever I plant something, my Auntie taught me to say a prayer for it to root and grow strong…so I did. Then as the mulch found its way to the flower beds via wheelbarrow, I spread it around. WOW! It looked fantastic when it was done.

By that time the tummy was grumbling and lunch arrived. Pizza and hoagies! YUM! After scrubbing hands with a brush to get the black mulch off, lunch got sucked down pretty quick. It was fun to sit around talking about “stuff.” I got to tell Father about my blog and that church events sometimes make there way here as the “topic of the day.” I assured him no names were mentioned and nothing bad written. Somehow I don’t think he was concerned!

Unfortunately, I needed to leave to come home. Chores awaited here as well, which got done. But when I arrived home I found the hubster on the phone with the auto insurance claims department. He and dd had been in a car accident on the way to picking up her car at the shop (oil change and inspection).

They had just passed through a light on a heavily traveled street and cars were accelerating up a slight hill when the car in front of him stopped very quickly to avoid hitting the car in front of that one. The hubster jammed on the brakes and fortunately had enough room to avoid hitting the guy in front of him. The guy behind the hubster was not quite so observant. He was driving a big, Ford Econoline 250 van. He jammed on his brakes too late and rammed into the hubster thus pushing the hubster into the guy in front of him. Whammo, chain reaction.

Thankfully, it appears that no one was hurt. Though dd still has a headache and the back of her head is tender too. Our car took the worst of it. As is the hubster’s habit, when coming to a stop he glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the guy coming and figured, “We’re going to get hit.” Though he is not sure, he thinks he took his foot off the brake to try and absorb some of the impact rather than resist all of it. The driver’s side rear bumper is pushed in pretty well and has a pretty nice dent in it. It was hit hard enough that the trunk is no longer aligned with the upper portion of the bumper. The passenger side front has some damage and the whole quarter-panel has been pushed back a little. He thinks that both bumpers will need to be replaced along with the cosmetic outer pieces. It will be a nuisance to get fixed but at least it is drivable. I’m guessing it’s going to be a couple thousand dollars to get it all fixed up right.

The guy who hit him was very apologetic which was better than the opposite. Fortunately, someone from the fire department was close behind them and came on the scene within a couple of minutes. He made sure everyone was ok, got them off the road, called the police, and waited until the officer came on the scene (which couldn’t have been more than a few minutes).

It was nice to notice such a quick response from our township police department. The hubster was very glad the police came because now there is an official report on file.

Now we are having a little quiet time in preparation for a night on the town. We must attend a Derby Party at the hubster’s place of employment. After that we are off to the best-friend’s house for a steak dinner (and hopefully nice glass of wine) and a chatty evening.

And that’s our Saturday. How about you? What did you do today?


8 thoughts on “Saturday Scenario

  1. I spent half the day in bed with a headache, while my in-laws painted our living room and dining room. Then I touched up the paint job.

  2. How is your daughter now ?
    If she still has the soreness etc, I would recommend she get it checked out; whiplash injuries can still happen even at slow speed accidents.

  3. Ah….”subs” is the term we’ve imported down here.

    I have heard “heroes” as well: but they’re generally chicken frozen (heat in microwave) rolls that you can buy at service stations.

  4. We used to call them “heroes” in New York; they’re “subs” up in New England, but I’ve heard “hoagies” farther towards the Midwest.

    What I’m hoping about the car is that your husband won’t get dinged because he rear-ended the guy in front of him. It wasn’t his fault, he stopped in plenty of time, and it sounds like he tried to leave plenty of room; but insurance companies will look for any excuse not to pay up.

    As for what we did today: I spent most of the morning on the tail end of a 24-hour bug that made itself felt mostly in joint and muscle agony. By the afternoon, I was feeling well enough to go through with a dinner date we’d made a few weeks ago with a work crony of my husband’s. After dinner at a restaurant, they invited us back to their house, wayyy out in the boonies — but WHAT a VIEW — high on a hill with nothing but trees for miles around. (They did note that the wind in the winter is fierce.)

  5. Uncle Jim, the car that was hit was the hubster’s car, a Toyota Avalon. Mine is the brand new one, though that means I got it only about 4 months AFTER he got his.

    Ian, a hoagie is a sandwich. It is made on an oblong roll, not a small round one. It has lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions and any assortment of sliced meats that you may prefer (genoa salami, italian ham, turkey breast, or tunafish, bologna) and cheese (sliced white cheese, provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese). It can also include sweet peppers or hot peppers. They’re quite good. Especially when toasted in a hot oven.

    Some people know them as “subs” or “submarine sandwiches.”

  6. And I had Mark and Rosanna drop by to get my MAC back to functioning. It was completly blocked up. My, My, you guys sure have your problems with cars. Was this the new one?

  7. THanks be to God the hubster and DD are fine. I hope the insurance can cover most of it.

    Sounds like a wonderful day at the parish. And what, pray tell, are ‘hoagies’?

    I too had car troubles this Saturday, but nowhere as severe as hubbies’. Flat tyre. Changed it, got covered in grease and oil and whatever else in the process :), and took it to the tyre shop. Couldn’t be fixed, so I got two new tyres (the one at the front-left was getting a bit worn also).

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