Itchy Eyes

Is anyone else out in the world getting their butts kicked by allergies this season? Man oh man, I’m gettin whooped! My eyes itch & are tearing, the outside of my throat itches, the inside of my throat itches, the cough won’t stop, and my poor nose doesn’t want a tissue near it for another year! And that’s while taking Allegra-D every 12 hours. It is keeping things in moderate check. I don’t even want to try and think about how I’d be feeling if I wasn’t taking the allergy medication! Ugh.

Now I’ve added cough medicine to the mix ’cause the cough is starting to move a little south into the chest. If it stays there, like it sometimes does this time of year, I’m gonna get a whopping case of bronchitis.

Better to be pro-active than re-active.

By your prayers!


5 thoughts on “Itchy Eyes

  1. That is among the basic reasons we left Iowa to go to Seminary. The Lord had me sleeping stitting up, because when I laid down I stopped up and breathing was impossible. And the nose rebelled as you say,.

  2. Yes, it has been bad this year. I think because it’s been so dry and nothing has come from the skies to wash the pollen away.

    I will pray for you!

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