Car Accident Update

Well, the estimates are in and checks are being written to pay for repairs. It looks like it is going to take $4,300 to fix the hubster’s car. The repair list has been given to the auto repair shop so that can order everything. Once the parts are in, the job will take approximately 10 days. During those 10 days, the insurance company will pay for a rental car, comparable to what the hubster is driving now.

DD is feeling a tad of tightness in the neck and back. It has not gotten any better since Tuesday, so tonight she is seeing a chiropracter. She just called to say the appointment went very well. The doc said all the tightness she is feeling is consistent with having been rear-ended in a car accident. He will need to see her a couple times a week for treatment for the next month or so, with the plan of the “feeling better” lasting longer and longer between treatments. She was also encouraged to learn that the regular lower back pain she feels is due to the fact that the arch in her lower back is deeper than what is normal. Thus there is a lot of pressure. Not much to do about that I guess. So doc has said she is to take it easy and not lift/carry babies too much in the coming week. Yeah right! How’s she gonna do that?! It’s her job! But I’m very glad she’s receiving treatment.

On a happy note, DD has invited me to a Mother’s Day Tea tomorrow at her place of employment. She works at a Pre-School/Child Care and is Head Teacher in the Infant Room. So I will get to meet all *her babies* as she calls them. I’m very excited!!!


6 thoughts on “Car Accident Update

  1. Oh dear. I missed the car accident blog too. Hope your dd feels better soon.

    I also hope you have better success than we did when our dd was rear ended. It took almost 5 weeks to get my car back! By that time, insurance was threatening to stop paying for the rental – not good with a family of 8. We NEEDED that extra car.


  2. Thanks for the prayers!

    Ian – the insurance will pay for all of the repair, as well as all of DD’s medical treatment.

  3. Prayers for DD.

    And, with Laura I pray the repairs go quickly and smoothly. Do you need to pay the $4,300 or does some (all?) come from insurance?

    Enjoy the Mother’s Day Tea!

  4. Goodness! I missed the car accident post. I got bogged down pretty badly last week!

    I’m glad everyone is OK and will pray for DD’s back. I hope the repair time goes quickly and smoothly.

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