Got the grade!

Today’s mail contained my Eleanor paper! My grade: 92.5! Woot!

I am pleased with that grade. The professor’s note said that it was “good, clear writing and good use of sources.” He commented that it ended abruptly and indicated (if I am reading his writing correctly) that there could have been more about Eleanor’s later life.

This indicates to me that I was not very clear in my introductory paragraphs nor in my thesis statement because it was my intention to write about only Eleanor’s early life and participation in the Second Crusade in an attempt to indicate whether it was unusual or not. I now see that it would have been helpful to do research on the life of women in general during that period of time and not focus solely on Eleanor.

The two hardest paragraphs to write are the introduction with the thesis and the conclusion! I’ll keep working at it, of course. And the more I write, the better (hopefully) I’ll get. Nonetheless, I learned an enormous amount by engaging in this process and am quite satisfied with my grade.

Hopefully I’ll get another chance to study with this specific professor.