Chosen Ones

Today I met with my advisor and chose my classes for the Fall semester. What did I end up with? Well, since I have so many general requirements to satisfy since very few transferred over (argh), I went with:

Introduction to Astronomy (because the labs are integrated into the class and it satisfies one of the Science requirements)

Critical Thinking (because it covers the Math requirement)

Each class meeting one day a week; Astronomy on Monday nights and CT on Saturday mornings. The Saturday morning class will meet from 8:30 to 12:40 and lasts 8 weeks. That’s good. Get the torture over and done with quickly so I can be put out of my misery sooner. Ugh. LOL!

I did find out all the cool History classes are offered during the two Summer semesters, so I’ll be checking them out next summer. My advisor said if I take two classes Spring and Fall and one class each Summer Session I should have my Bachelor’s in 3 years.

So guess what my 50th birthday present to myself is going to be? Go ahead! Guess!


14 thoughts on “Chosen Ones

  1. I was drafted during my 2nd semester of college while taking Algebra to mee the Math requirement. The College gave us 2/3ds credit. That left me one credit short of meeting the requirement. When I returned to school I signed up for Algebra again. The result? I have 2 credits of B and 1 credit of A. But I met the Math Requirement. Stats in grad school is another story.

  2. Good for you Phillipa. I am trying to do the same for my 40th…..I have on paper to finish!

    AS Winston Churchill said, “never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up!”

  3. What a great 50th birthday present.

    My prayers are with you this semester: maths(*) was never my forte. I love astronomy though: I hope it’s at least a bit interesting for you. A visit to an observatory might be fun.

    [(*)I can’t get used to Americans calling it “Math”: we call it “Maths”. :D]

  4. If you’re thinking of getting a telescope for your birthday, or even if you’re not, my husband is an amateur astronomer and has several scopes and years of knowledge using them. I hope you get a few nights of observing, the planets are awesome.

    cuz annie

  5. Congratulations Ms. Mimi! You win the prize. In 3.5 years I will be 50 and that is going to be my birthday present to myself. I think it is a good goal and gift!

    I’m not looking forward to either class actually. I am very poor at Math and this class will be primarily solving word problems and logic problems. I am horrible at both and always have been since elementary school. My goal for both classes is to come out with a “C.” That counts for the degree! If I do better, then so be it!

  6. astronomy…cool! i took oceanography, that was fun. man, must be hard to think about fall when summer looms so closely!

  7. Astonomy! Cool. I keep pushing the sciences on my oldest -she’s got a good head for it.

    Happy Birthday to you – whenever that is.


  8. I loved my Astronomy class. We had to memorize a certain number of constellations and stars as well as a certain number of lunar features. Any class that meets in a Planetarium has got to be cool.

    My math was called “Environmental Issues: A Mathematical Modelling Approach” or something like that. Basically we did “Environmental” word problems that required only Basic Algebra to solve. Woot!

    I got extra credit for protesting at the US Army Chemical Weapons Depot.

    -Snicker- Sometimes having a Liberal Prof. pays off.

  9. Hey, I took Astronomy as my science class too – it was really cool, and the labs were so interesting, but I have to tell you – hard, hard science.

  10. Congratulations in advance!

    sounds like an interesting fall semester. One of the classes I took to fulfill my math requirement was…

    “The History of Math”

    Math is not my forte!

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