A Room With A View

Elizabeth is looking out The Garden Window at some new homes and needs help picking which house to buy. Go over and help her make up her mind. She has three tough choices. I recommended # 2. You can read the comments to see why.

While drinking her Morning Coffee, Alana told us about her recent trip shopping for…..long pause for drama….. the dreaded swimsuit! She suggested wine might help. I agree on a multitude of levels.

Yurag the Illuminated has another post. This one on the virtue of charity and that this virtue cannot, nor should not, be governmentally managed, to which I agree. Though, I must confess, that I find his descriptive words regarding his student a tad harsh, after all she is young and immature. She needs to be taught and shown the high road, thus the reason why she is a student. Go on over, give it a read, and share your thoughts there.

Reading that Barbaro the horse came through his surgery well has put a smile on my face. He’s flirting with the mares. Just like a guy who is feeling much more chipper than the day before! GBG! Here is a photo of the x-ray of his foot post-surgery. Boy, he’s gonna feel it when it is threatening to rain. That puppy is gonna ache like the dickens! Ouch!


2 thoughts on “A Room With A View

  1. I, of course, thought of Karen as Pete and I watch in suspense when the jokey drew Barbaro up. The slow motion pictures of the horse lifting that leg up to release the pressure was – is fascinating the right word?

  2. I love these roundups.

    I missed the race, but I’m so glad that Barbaro seems to be doing better – what a scare.

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