Period. End of Discussion.

Warning: Men may find this post to be gross, too much information, or just ewwwww! So be warned gentlemen – read at your own risk. The topic: A woman’s menstrual cycle or lack-thereof.
Today’s local paper, The Morning Call, had as the feature article on page 1-A the use of oral-contraception as a way of stopping a woman’s menstruating. Now dear Readers, your blog-hostess lives in a world all her own, thus never even considered – nay…never even gave it a thought – that a woman could STOP Aunt Flo in her tracks by utilizing prescribed oral contraceptives. She, of course, has said, “Boy, I hate getting Aunt Flo. But she shall cease in due time.”,but never dear Reader, NEVER thought of using oral contraceptives in a manner NOT prescribed. Now if you, dear Reader, already knew that please don’t let me know because I already feel like a nit-wit. Well, yeah go ahead, leave a comment that says you already knew this information. I’m a nit-wit anyway. That’s certifiable. But I digress. For those who care to, the full article can be found here.

Yer blog-hostess then asked herself, “Why would someone want to do this?” A quick answer lept to mind, “Cause Aunt Flo is a major pain in the tush and a whole lot of other places!!” But it is what a woman suffers (I use the term loosely mind you) once a month because she is just that, a woman. She is the one whom God created to carry a child, the miracle of creation, in her womb for 9 months and to give birth. She is one who mirrors our Holy Lady, the Mother of God, who did the same. It is a reminder of the precious gift of life, such as we are taught in the Old Testament.

It appears that a “growing number of women are taking the path” of using contraceptives in the manner not prescribed which is 3 weeks of usage and 1 week of no usage in order to give the uterus the opporunity to shed the lining it had prepared in case the released egg was fertilized and life was created. A 22 year old hasn’t had her period since age 17 the article noted. That’s 5 blinkin’ years ladies!!!!

My next question was “How healthy can that be for the body?!” According to “most doctors,” they don’t “think suppressing menstruation is riskier than regular long-term birth control use…” Most? Don’t think? I’ve a problem with that. “Most” isn’t “all” and there is no long term study of this type of usage. It’s no riskier than long term birth control, which studies document increases the chances of breast cancer. Huh? So what would make these women risk heaven only knows what to not have a period and possibly increase their chances of some health problem in the future? I didn’t have to read very much to find out why.

The 22 year old woman quoted said that by not having her period it has “been great for her marriage, preventing monthly crankiness and improving her sex life.”

There you have it dear Readers. It’s made her marriage better. How you ask? Well, she’s not cranky. God forbid she and her husband have to learn how to be patient with one another. And her sex life has improved, which of course means so has that of her husband. Or possibly not. But nonetheless…the real reason to not have your period.

Legal fornication.

Lord have mercy!


9 thoughts on “Period. End of Discussion.

  1. I’ve heard of athletes delaying their cycle because of competitions. A student of mine was 17 when she was found to have a cancerous tumor on her ovary. They had put her on bc pills to regulate a very erratic and painful cycle. She’s undergone chemo and radiation, and hopefully is going to be alright. I think she will regret the loss of her ovary someday. She has been fighting for her life and possibly hasn’t thougth too much about that.

  2. I was on and off the pill for about 10 years due to severe endometriosis. I would occasionally do this – like when I was going on a trip, etc. It was LOVELY!

  3. Hi Max! Thanks for commenting. I always appreciate input!

    What you wrote is true to a certain extent. Breastfeeding doesn’t always completely stop regular cycles. There are times when bleeding breaks through. And pregnancy can occur even while breastfeeding. Ask my Mom! :o)

    Another contributing factor to no cycles in “pre” modern days and to a certain extent, even today, is poor nutrition. As nutrition has improved so has the frequency of a woman’s cycle. Look at the poorest areas in Africa for example.

    Come back again! Thanks!

  4. Though a man I will dare to comment.

    It is worthwhile to note that in most pre-modern cultures the menstrual period is a rare event for women. In such cultures girls marry shortly after the onset of puberty and begin having babies immediately. When they have babies they breastfeed them until well into childhood, and breastfeeding supresses the period. So periods happen only every few years, between starting to wean one child and getting pregnant with the next one. This repeats until menopause or death, whichever comes first.

    If you want to be really natural, that’s what it looks like. Having a monthly period for most of the months of your adult life is definitely not “normal”.


  5. While I have to admit, there’s a bit of a “wouldn’t it be lovely…” in me, I agree that tampering with our bodies in such a way sounds like there will be long-term consequences that will be a “we never knew that…”

  6. I have heard of this. It gives me the willies, honestly. I have longer than normal periods and tried the BC patch last year (things went nuts…I bled/spotted) for a month solid, but it made me absolutely miserable. I eventually had surgery and had polyps removed and things are better…but not perfect. They never will be probably.

    I think you just have to learn to deal with it. We’re so selfish in this society to think we can do these things to make our lives more convenient.

  7. I’ve heard of women doing this, but not for years at a time!! Sheesh. I’ve heard about it for atheletes who were preparing for a big event.

    The quoted reason for doing this are so lame as to be laughable. But not surprising nowadays.


  8. That article also appeared in our local paper, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, either. I liked Elizabeth’s comment about nature being seen as something to be manipulated.

    What gets me, though, is the docs who keep trying to push “hormone therapy” on menopausal women — as if we hadn’t spent a good portion of our lives waiting to be delivered from Aunt Flo!!! And they keep trying to bring her back?! Enough, already! But “most” doctors don’t have a problem with a normal menstruating woman stopping her flow in this manner?! *More* than passing strange.

  9. I cannot imagine anyone being crazy enough to think of doing this.

    When DD1 was undergoing horrendous painful periods,and was referred to an ob/gyn, she was prescribed a low dose OC pill to use purely for this purpose , with strict instructions that it could be used to maybe delay a “period” by a few days if she had an exam for instance, but that was all, and she *had* to have a week break from it every month.

    Nowadays, nature is seen as something to be manipulated, not something which is on the whole carefully balanced and regulated and designed that way for a specific reason…….which is so sad.

    You tamper with nature at your peril, I`m afraid. I wouldn`t have ever contemplated risking breast cancer just for a few extra “romps” per month.

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