The letter "O"

Today I received a card. It was simple. In it’s simplicity, it shouted its message. The card was from my Mother who was diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent surgery in early March and faces her second chemo treatment tomorrow. I will not divulge its personal message but here is what it contained.

The cover said, “The journey is an ever-winding road. I will walk it proud, tall and strong.” Soraya No One Else

Inside was a small card which said, “Join me…I’ve sent you one of the seven letters of the word journey as a simple reminder that you and six others will form the circle of support I will need. Knowing, as I travel the road ahead, I will never be alone.”

We who have been invited by my Mother to journey with her:

J – Her husband, my Dad
O – Me
U – Her Grandson, my son
R – My sister
N – My brother
E – Her neighbor who is a breast cancer survivor
Y – Her Avon Lady who has been a constant support

Mamma, as I said to you earlier today, “I am honored that you have asked me to be part of your journey and I accept. Thank you for asking me. I will walk this journey with you to the end, no matter where it takes you. I love you very much!”

My Mother, as she walks this road, doesn’t walk alone. We walk with her. But more important than us is that she journeys this road with her God, our Lord and His Blessed Mother our Holy Theotokos.

Glory to God for all things!

Update: Dear Readers, just to let you know, the person who commented as “Mom” *IS* in fact my dear Mother. And when she says your name is going in her Bible and she’s going to pray for you, well buckle up – cause she will and her prayers are heard and answered!


10 thoughts on “The letter "O"

  1. My mum died of breast cancer 26 years ago. I will keep yours in my prayers, mothers are such incredible things.

  2. Hi Dears! God be with you all. The journey while not easy is doable because of “Jesus I Trust In You”. COMPLETELY. All I ask for is courage and strength to follow His Holy Will. Offering my pain for His on the Cross helps too. For me that is. Plus, I really love HIM a lot.
    Go for Him guys and girls.He is waiting for you.
    Love, Mom

  3. When you posted this to the Women’s list, I wanted to mention that you and your mother continue in my prayers. This cannot be an easy journey for either of you, but I am in complete awe of your mother’s — and your — courage. Love to you!

  4. And I will join you as I lift my prayers for Jimmy. And for you and the rest of the family.

  5. Prayers ascending from Down Under for mum and all of you.

    As Huw wrote, thank you for letting us share in this.

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