My Daughter

Thought some of the family and dear readers might like to see the most recent photo of my daughter. God truly blessed us with a daughter who is as sweet as she is beautiful. Nay…sweeter still.


8 thoughts on “My Daughter

  1. Julana, I was about 25 when I had her.

    Meg, no she is not tall. She barely passes me in height at about 5’2″.

    Luz, I was surprised she looked that good in that color since she is so fair. Though when she tans it is a golden color. And with her blue-gray eyes….it was a good outfit for her.

  2. What a pretty girl! She looks tall — is she? (OTOH, when you’re five feet zip, *everybody* looks tall….)

  3. Oh Yeah! She certainly is pretty, and we will take Mum’s word that she is sweet.

    Uncle Curmudge

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