Saturday’s Stroll

Whoa! Tuesday was my last post! Where the heck did the week go? I’ve not a clue and there’s not much to show for the missing days as I review things in my head. Well to make up for the lack of “chatting,” I took a stroll through the ‘net and here are the items of interest. What say you dear Readers?
Have your read about the horrible car accident that happened in Grand Rapids and the fact that one family who thought the young lady in the hospital bed was their child, isn’t? This mix-up is such tragic news on top of what was already tragic news. The question most feared by one family member is, ‘How could you not know that this girl isn’t your niece?’ Looking at the pictures in this article, it is quite clear to me how one could not tell. Add to that the nature of hope, and it is perfectly clear to me. Who wants to face the fact that their child/niece has died? No one. Any inkling of hope that it wasn’t/isn’t her would carry the day with me! Lord have mercy on the family who now must deal with their grief on an even deeper level.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me. It’s just been a matter of time. Curious though, that a prison program that has such good results as Prison Fellowship does, would be on deck to have funding removed. Well…maybe not curious after all when one thinks about it. The justice system and the country at large aren’t really interested in helping to rehab inmates. “Toss ‘em in jail and throw away the key.” and “Out of sight, out of mind.” are more probable the thoughts.

On this Day June 3, 1965. How cool is that??!! Pictures and all!!

David Mills at Touchstone’s Mere Comments shares this story of Mike the Hamster’s own stroll through a shredder [it has a happy ending dear readers]and then sends us back into hilarity by sharing the story of his rescue of Houdini. Ya gotta read it! It’s worth the second run through. no pun intended!

Perry Robinson over at Engergies of the Trinity needs some books to assist him in keeping those excellent posts of his in process on this fantastic blog. Check it out. If you can help him out, do so.

Papa Herman is grinding his teeth as his wife starts those mother-daughter talks. Their daughter, Tansy is “that” age.

And last but not least, Huw Raphael has challenged us to another summer reading endeavor. If you are so inclined, join us in reading and discussing Brian McLaren’s new book The Secret Message of Jesus. I’ve started it and am to chapter 6 already. It is not what I thought it would be. But you’ll have to come back later dear readers, ’cause I ain’t sayin’ no more! Here’s our reading/posting schedule if you want to dive in and join us.

Read the Assigned Chapters within the noted week and Post on or before Friday…

18 June – Chapters 1-5 – posting on 23 June
25 June – Chapters 6-9 – posting on 30 June

Take a break for July 4th Week 🙂

9 July – Chapters 10 – 13 – posting on 14 July
16 July – Chapters 14 – 18 – posting on 21 July
23 July – Chapter 19 – Appendix 2 – Posting on 28 July
30 July – 4 August: any final thoughts.

Feel free to post your comments on your own blogs or here, as part of a major discussion. I will open a post up each week with my replies in the comments.
To all my dear readers, have a good day!


4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Stroll

  1. Took a look at all the articles, but wanted to comment particularly on the prison program. Since the program is funded by the State of Iowa, why not just hold a State-wide referendum, and let people decide for themselves?! Really, this business of the judiciary making up laws has gone far enough!!!

  2. That accident happened in northern Indiana. The girls were from Caledonia, south of Grand Rapids.

  3. I haven’t opened it yet – it may not be what *I* think it is either. LOL. I hope it’ll be a good discussion starter!

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