It needed straightening anyway

Guess how I spent my day? Nope, not at church, though I wish that were the case. The hubster and I spent it cleaning up the water all over the kitchen floor and that which went through the air ducts and between the walls down to the basement. Why you ask? Because during the wee hours of the morning the water hose on the washing machine burst! Oh yay! NOT!

When I awoke right before the alarm went off I heard what sounded like rain, which didn’t make sense because the weather prognosticators weren’t calling for any. Then I thought, maybe the fan in the room was making the noise. I got up, turned on the faucet to get a drink to take my medicine and there wasn’t great water pressure. That seemed strange but I kept on moving in my half awake state. Flushed the commode. That went weird too. I thought perhaps there was a broken water main somewhere and it was affecting the water pressure. I jumped in the shower, had plent of hot water but still no pressure. As I turned off the water I heard “the noise” again.

I yelled to the hubster, “Hon, I hear water running somewhere!” He goes downstairs and then I heard a loud expletive. Water, water everywhere.

As the hubster shut the water off and began to assess the situation, while getting the wet-vac out, I called the homeowner’s insurance company to get a file started. After which I donned my grubby clothes and set to work.

It appears to our “non-expert” eyes that the brand new laminate kitchen floor the hubster did such a lovely job putting down with need to be completely replaced. It squishes when you walk on it and water squeezes up between the seams. That is our greatest disappointment.

Most of the stuff in the basement that got wet was easily dried off. Though I had to throw out 3 pieces of crosstitch. That brought back memories of Hurricane Floyd and our flooded basement in another house. That time I had to toss out a full size crosstitch Monopoly Board I made for hubster. That broke my heart.

The Christmas decorations came away unscathed. Now they will be stored in plastic tubs. The pictures that got wet will need new matting but the frames and pictures themselves are salvagable. The air ducts are drenched, as is half of the insulation under the kitchen. I think all that may need to be replaced.

We have fans running and a dehumidifier going. It smells rather musty in the house. Hopefully the claims adjuster will be out soon to take a look at things. I’m glad we took pictures of the damage. I burned them to a CD for the adjuster’s files.

We counted our many blessings as we cleaned up. We were glad we don’t have a ton of junk in the basement. We were very thankful we were home! Imagine how much worse it would have been if we had been at work or worse yet, AWAY! I needed to reorganize the Christmas decorations anyway. This is pushing me to do that. And I wanted to rearrange the storage in the basement too. Now that’s going to happen in the next few weeks. The rugs in the living room and dining room didn’t get wet.

Glory to God for all things!

Note to self: Replace washer hoses every 3 years. Get a new and easier on/off valve for the water shut off at the washer.


8 thoughts on “It needed straightening anyway

  1. Be sure to do whatever you can to avoid the mould problem. We had mould in our building and several of my friends started having health problems, migraines, asthma, eye infections, etc.

  2. Oh no…I’m so sorry! I’m glad the damage wasn’t any worse than it was. I’m really sorry about the floor…

  3. Amen to your comment about owning a house. The very same thing happened to us two years ago, the weekend I was away in Jordanville and my son had moved out of the house. My husband was alone, and awoke to the sound of water running, only he thought someone had turned on one of the outdoor spigots. In our case, what happened was that a pipe leading to the basement toilet broke, and when dh flicked on the basement light, he saw about a foot of water down there. Our local fire dept. lends out its wet vac, so the fire guys from up the street came over to help, which prompted our next-door neighbor to come over to see what was going on, and he helped dh move some of the stuff, too. It still took us two years to get the place smelling like normal, but a lot of that was that we had accumulated so *much* junk that it took dh two years to go through it all and toss it.

    The worst was right after it happened — I had called from J-ville to find out how things were at home, to find dh in tears. “I’m going through my son’s life!” he said — he had found a box filled with a lot of Chris’s old t-shirts. And the kid had left home *that Thursday.* Ouch.

  4. Dixie, the only way to prevent this type of thing is to (1) change the hoses on the washer regularly, and (2) turn the spigots off after doing wash. Also many people turn the water off to the whole house at the main shut off when they go on vacation. This way if anything breaks while you’re gone, damage will be minimal because you’ll be home when you turn the main valve back on.

    Owning a house is a pain in the butt…I don’t care whether it’s considered an investment or not!

  5. Wow…so sorry this happened…I know it is a big clean-up job. The very same thing happened to my priest during Lent. My son was scheduled to go over to his house to help my priest do some art type painting but ended up moving things out of the basement all day (it was a finished basement) and setting up my priest’s office upstairs in the dining room. What was wonderful for my son to witness was how Father and Presbytera handled the situation…by laughing and praising God! He couldn’t believe it. What an impression that made on him. (Glad it happened at my priest’s house instead of ours…as my son would not have learned the same lesson, I fear!!!)

    How does one check this hose thing or alarm it or something before mega damage can happen???


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