Vacation Day 3

This morning after our *free* breakfast at the hotel, we checked out and went furniture shopping. Why else does one visit Hickory, NC, the furniture capital of the world? Intending only to window shop and get ideas for the living room, we ended up purchasing a new living suite that was on sale twice! There was a big furniture sale over the weekend that ended Sunday but the sales clerk gave us a discount on the sale price! Woot!

We ended up with a full size couch with sleeper mattress which we upgraded to include an aero-mattress. This way the hubster’s Mom and Dad can come visit and have a comfy queen size mattress to sleep on and Mom won’t need to worry about doing the stairs as we have a bathroom on the first floor. This will make weekend visits and Christmas much easier and save them money! Woot!! We also purchased what is called a “chair and a half.” It is a half size smaller than a love seat. We also got an oversized storage ottoman where we can put blankets and stuff. The color is called Celedon Green, it is a mossy green. For the throw pillows we chose fabric that looks like stained glass and has all the colors of the cottage rocker we’ve been building the room around. We were quite pleased with the purchase and figure we saved ourselves about $1,000.

After lunch we drove into Asheville and checked into our lovely hotel. It is one of those kinds that has a little kitchenette and sitting room. We are able to stay free of charge because the hubster used his accumulated hotel points to pay for it! We then went exploring in downtown Asheville.

What a really cool town! It is very artsy so there are many quaint shops that have unusual items. One shop was devoted to what looked like Hindu items. Xai-Xai I think it was called. We checked out a store called Mast General Store. That was neat because it was the type of store that has all those old-fashioned candies we remember from our childhood, stored in big barrels. I was also happy to see a complete assortment of Burt’s Bees products, which I love. Of course I purchased a couple needed items.

The most interesting store we visited was Malaprops Bookstore. The hubster wanted a book to read. He got one called Faithful: Two diehard Boston Red Sox fans chronicle the historic 2004 season. Talk about a bookstore with a wide variety of reading material! They covered the gammet with bookshelves full of topics from mysticism/witchcraft to Christianity to gay issues.

Asheville seems to have a very diverse population. We saw young people dressed a la 1960’s Woodstock playing violins or guitars while seated on a curb, groups of 3 or so young men, also ala 1960’s, sitting on the wall in Battery Park talking about a variety of topics, people with quite a number of tattoos in a variety of places and many piercings along with those of upper middle age and up with greying hair and driving BMW’s. Quite a mix which made for good people watching. It was energizing to walk around and look at all the people, let alone the shops. I would have liked to have parked myself in one of the corner cafes with an iced tea and watched all the people go by. That’s so much fun!

We did enjoy a great pizza at a pub/pizzeria. They made it with soy-cheese and I asked for anchovies on it. Delish! And no stomach ache from the cheese. That was nice!

I’m feeling a little peckish unfortunately. I think something in the car is giving me a strange headache. Whenever we drive anywhere I start to get a little nauseous and a tightness like a headache. Maybe I’m allergic to vacations!

Tomorrow the hubster has arranged a 4 hour train ride up into the mountains. That’s gonna be really neat. The scenery around here is just beautiful. I do love the plushness of this state.

More tomorrow!!


5 thoughts on “Vacation Day 3

  1. I like people watching. In summer I have takeaway coffee in the park and in winter I get a seat in the cafe window. It’s one of my favourite time-wasting occupations.

  2. Sounds good (except the illness thing – are you trying to read in the car? I can only do so on the freeway without starts and stops).


  3. Betty and I drove through that part of NC years ago, but had no time to stop and enjoy. The drive, of course, was lovely. I did Basic Training in Greensboro in 1943. The thing I remember most is the magnolia’s and the humidity.

    Uncle Curmudge

  4. First I’ve heard of Malaprops having a “Christian” shelf… maybe they’ve adjusted their purchasing habits! Coffee: “Olde Europe” is ok, but WAY over priced. The Dripilator, on Biltmore going down the hill, is more “real” and “local”.

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