Please allow me to introduce you to…

(left to right) My Dad, The Hubster, and the indomitable prayer warrior, My Dearest Mamma, for whom many of you are praying. She wanted to say “HEY EVERYONE!”

Isn’t she simply gorgeous with no hair? Though I had to say to them, “I’ve more hair than the three of you put together!”LOL! LOL! LOL!


7 thoughts on “Please allow me to introduce you to…

  1. There is something beautiful about someone who is as comfortable as your Mom seems in her own skin. But then I always thought Sinead O’Connor was beautiful.

  2. When David heard that his Mom had Leukemia he immediatly went to work and sent her a knit hat in anticiaption of such an event. As you know, she did not live long enough to lose hair – her life instead.

  3. Hair is way overrated imo.
    Hi. dono here. I’m a newbie blogger. Signed on for Huw Raphael’s reading project. Looking forward to that!

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