Rain, rain go away…

…come again some other day!

Don’t know about the rest of you on the eastern seaboard of the USA, but I’m dang tired of rain! It’s been raining since last Friday, with deluges on a regular basis. The flowers are flat. The grass is really green. The air is so thick it feels like what I imagine a tropical rainforest would feel like. The mosquitoes are gonna be awful this year! Ugh!

Household projects continue. The den got painted over the weekend. The trim needs one last coat of pure white paint, which yours truly will take care of today. Then the moving of furniture will commence tomorrow so the new rugs can be put down on Friday. After that is done, the return to normalcy of the first floor of our home will occur, for which I will be very glad. It isn’t intolerable by any stretch, but if you are like me and crave orderliness, well…let’s just say I’ll be glad for Friday afternoon. And the place will look beautiful and be really, really clean.

On one of my discussion lists, I asked for suggestions on how to help my priest get organized and clean off his dining room and kitchen tables which he has christened, “The Black Hole of Calcutta.” He puts papers and mail there and they mass produce on their own over night, so that now he’s drowning in paper and can’t find anything!

Since I am an “organizer,” and enjoy rearranging and cleaning up places like the basement and closets, I offered my help to my priest. You see, this organizing thing is like a sickness, I joked on the list. Well, there were more than a few ladies who joked back, saying they’d be more than happy to wine and dine me, pay transportation fees, etc., to have me visit their homes and help organize them! LOL! They even mapped out a travel itinerary for me! LOL! It was quite humorous. I know the hubster drops to his knees and gives thanks to God every tax season because things are so organized, it makes the process significantly easier.

Well, off to paint. Have a dry day eastern USA friends. And to the rest of my dear readers, have a sunny day wherever you are!


8 thoughts on “Rain, rain go away…

  1. Thank you Philippa, and I look forward to seeing photos. A whole-wall bookshelf: wow.

    And Meg – :D!

  2. Gee…..I was SERIOUS! I will cook you your favorite food and put you up in the master bedroom and drive you all around Savannah and pray for you forever, if you would come to my house!

    No joke!


  3. A “den” is often a combination home office/library/TV room (only we won’t have a TV in it. It will have built in bookshelves along one whole wall, 12 feet wide by 6 feet tall to house many of our books. Actually, I need minimum two more book cases for my books as I have them double stacked now!

    Our computer desk will go in there, along with a two-cushion couch, small stuffed chair and end table, my icon corner, and a two drawer filing cabinet.

    As you may guess, the room is quite large, 12 feet by 20 feet, with two large windows.

    I’ll have to post pictures once we get it done, along with the living room. But you’ll have to wait a few months for the new living room furniture to arrive!

    Hope that answers your question Ian. Actually, more than you bargained for! :o)

  4. You can definitely come to my house!

    Isn’t a den like a library only less formal?


  5. On the subject of The Den, I herewith offer the caption of my favorite cartoon, which is two ladies talking to each other:

    “And does your husband have a den?”

    “No, he growls all over the house.”

    By now, my husband has heard this one so often that he just growls at the mere mention of the word “den.”

  6. Happy painting!

    And what exactly is a ‘den’: I envisage a spare room, but I don’t recall the term being used over here.

    It’s a lovely day here now, though we got off to a chilly start.

  7. You can come over to *our* house any day! I’ve tried all the books/methods– we’re still hopeless slobs.

    Enjoying your blog, by the way!

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